Male Enlargement Injections Near Me: Is it Right for You?

Male enlargement, also called penile enlargement, involves increasing the penis size by artificial means. Worldwide, many men have body image issues regarding their penis size, believing that the bigger it is, the better. This has led to many of them seeking male enlargement injections near me to solve this issue.

Penile enlargement can be achieved using different methods, with injections being one of the most common. These injections, also known as penis fillers, can be one of several substances. For example, hyaluronic acid is one such substance commonly used in penile enlargement injections. This substance occurs naturally in the human skin. The type used for penile enlargement is chemically altered to achieve this purpose.

Issues That Penile Enlargement Can Solve

Most men that seek penile enlargement do so only for the increased girth and length, giving an overall size increase. However, penis fillers also have other benefits:

i)Increased libido during sexual encounters

  1. ii) Making the glans to be more prominent

iii) Causing an increased penis size when not experiencing an erection

  1. iv) Covering up lumps and bumps on the penis surface
  2. v) Correcting the curvature of the penis to a desirable one

It’s crucial to remember that penile enlargement injections have no effect on the length of an erect penis; they only increase its girth. This leads to a more balanced penis appearance while improving sexual performance.

Should You Consider Penile Enlargement?

A vast majority of men that seek penile enlargement do so strictly for aesthetic purposes and perceived small size. The media is largely responsible for perpetrating the myth of what penis size should be considered “average” or “big.” This leads many men to compare their penis size to what they see in the media, primarily pornographic content and gossip in print media.

Aside from aesthetic reasons, there can be situations when penile enlargement might be advisable. This can include medical conditions like:

i)Peyronie’s disease: This is a medical condition that causes the penis to bend abnormally. For an erection to occur, blood vessels deliver blood to penile tissues, causing their engorgement with blood hence a resulting erection. In Peyronie’s disease, scar tissue builds up on the penis, causing it to curve at an awkward angle. It is mainly caused by penile injury due to prolonged, repeated, rough sexual activity or other exercises.

  1. ii) Micropenis: This is when the penis is much smaller than expected, averaging less than 2.8 inches long when stretched. It is a congenital condition, meaning individuals are born with it. It is usually the result of a lack of enough male hormones (testosterone).

iii) Buried penis: This is when a man’s penis recedes deep into skin tissue in the belly, scrotum, or thighs. While it can present at birth, this condition can occur at any age. A common cause of a buried penis in adults is obesity.

Sometimes, individuals may suffer penile injury due to other causes, resulting in an altered penis structure and reduced girth during sexual arousal. A man suffering from any of these conditions can benefit from male enlargement.

As a general precaution, it’s always best to discuss any plans for male enlargement with your primary physician. This will enable them to give you a professional medical opinion about whether or not you’re fit for it.

How Does Penile Enlargement Work?

Male enlargement is a quick procedure that can be performed in less than an hour, typically taking between 30 and 45 minutes to complete.

Typically, the penis is marked and its whole surface is sterilized using a skin disinfectant. A sterile drape is then put over the penis. Since the process may cause some pain, a local anesthetic is administered. This ensures that the penis is numb to pain during the procedure. The local anesthetic works almost immediately. When the pain sensation is diminished, the filler is introduced into the penile tissue using a cannula. The material begins to permeate the penile tissue, helping to increase its girth and length.  The average amount of filler material used is about 8mls though it can go over 20mls. The penis is then sterilized once again using a disinfectant before a dressing is applied.


It’s advisable to avoid any activities that could put undue on your penis. This means avoiding all forms of sexual intercourse or anything that could cause sexual arousal.

In the end, penile enlargement is more about aesthetics than functionality. As soon as you determine your reasons for wanting the procedure, undergoing the procedure shouldn’t be an issue.