Novis Bradshaw, Personal Life and Net Worth

Novis Bradshaw was a celebrity mother. Not just one but two of her sons are today famous personalities. Wondering who Novis Bradshaw was? Well, she was the mother of American professional former footballer Craig Bradshaw and Terry Bradshaw.

Today, let us tell you all about Novis Bradshaw including her early life, family, parents, siblings, education profession, net worth, Love life, children, and all other details.

Personal life

Novis Bradshaw was born in 1929 as Novis Gay Bradshaw, in Red River Parish, Louisiana, USA to Clifford H. Gay and Lula Estelle Thornhill Gay. This is all the information about the early life of Novis Bradshaw.  Coming to her married life, she was married to William Marvin Bradshaw, who was a navy officer and also served as a VP of Riley Beaird Company.

When the couple got married is not known, but they remained together till the death of her husband in 2014. There is no confirmed news available about the death of Novis Bradshaw. According to some sources, she is dead today. However, the year of her death is not known.

Parents and siblings

Novis Bradshaw was the youngest of three children of Clifford H. Gay and Lula Estelle Thornhill Gay. Besides the names, nothing is available about the parents of Novis Bradshaw, be it their professional or personal lives.

Coming to the siblings of Novis Bradshaw, she had two siblings in her life and their names are Carl Gay and Reginald L Gay. The both were older than Novis Bradshaw and are dead today.


The married life of Novis Bradshaw was successful and they remained together till their last breath. The union had three kids and their names are Gary Bradshaw, Craig Bradshaw, and Terry Bradshaw. The latter ones are world-wide famous American footballers.

Education and profession

With the fact that Novis Bradshaw was alive centuries ago, there is not any information available about her education as well as profession. The famous celebrity children of Novis Bradshaw also never bothered to talk about the education and profession of their mother.

Reason for the popularity of Novis Bradshaw

Novis Bradshaw is mainly known for being the mother of Craig Bradshaw and Terry Bradshaw. Her children, especially Craig Bradshaw, is a renowned personality today in the sports world.

Net worth of Novis Bradshaw

Owing to the fact that the profession of Novis Bradshaw is not known, how can you find out her net worth? However, one thing is sure that Novis Bradshaw enjoyed a luxurious life because her husband was a navy officer and also a VP of Riley Beaird Company.

Moreover, her famous footballer son has also amassed huge money. As of 2023, he is estimated to have a net worth of around 45 million.


Novis Bradshaw was a fortunate lady, who lived a successful, luxurious, and peaceful life. Throughout her life, she was blessed with good things around her and this is really a blessing. Also, the lady did not seem to be interested in the glam of the media.