10 Tips for Business Women to Dress to Impress

The way we dress affects how others perceive us. That’s why when you are dressing for business, you have to be extra careful. Fortunately, fashion in business has evolved. You are no longer required to stick to a pantsuit. And I come know to all this while doing research.

There are some tips businesswomen must follow to look professional yet classy. Let’s explore them:

1: Give Priority to Comfort

No matter what you are shopping for, be it formal pants for ladies or a dress, it needs to be comfortable. The key is to dress as if you are going to meet the CEO. However, never choose something you would feel uncomfortable in. You have to spend 8 hours in that attire and the discomfort can get you.

2: Shine Those Shoes

Stick to this tip to your dear life. Your shoes must be clean. People tend to pay attention to your shoes just as much as they pay attention to your dress. Get rid of scuffed or worn-out shoes. If you want to look sharp, then start with your shoes.

3: Invest In Quality Staple Pieces

Businesswomen are smart when it comes to spending their money. Ideally, you must search for high-quality items that don’t cost a fortune. If the item is too classy and expensive, you won’t be wearing it that often. This makes its cost per wear low.

When you are shopping, pay attention to craftsmanship and material. You must have a few quality staple pieces in your wardrobe to wear on special occasions.

4: Never Show Too Much Skin

There are a few rules that you cannot compromise on and this one’s it. Firstly, pay attention to the length of your dress or skirt. It must reach the top of your knee. Remember that when you sit, your dress will automatically rise. Similarly, be aware of the slits in your clothing. Never wear pieces with higher slits.

The second aspect of your dress that deserves attention is cleavage. Don’t show cleavage at all. Apart from that, make sure the tops you wear are not see-through. Your undergarments must not be visible either.

Some offices prevent wearing sleeveless tops too. If you are wearing that, it’s best to wear a cardigan or jacket on top.

5: Don’t Overdo With the Makeup

Moderation is the key when it comes to makeup. You can always go for bold lips but it’s ideal to keep the makeup as natural as possible. Don’t be overdramatic with false eyelashes, bronzer, highlighter, and Smokey eyes. Use makeup for enhancing your natural look only.

6: Choose Colors Wisely

When it comes to business attire, the power of color is everything. It’s perfectly fine to choose powerful colors but they should not be aggressive. Colors also convey a message. Be careful how and what message you convey.

7: Adopt To Your Environment

Lots of businesses have accepted the business casual trend. If your workplace allows wearing jeans, use this ease to your advantage. Some of us don’t want to look too casual. In that case, wear a white shirt, sweater and a pair of jeans. Throw a jacket to add a formal touch.

8: Understand the Importance of an Outfit That Fits

The very first rule of buying clothing is to be sure they fit and they complement your body shape.  Don’t just buy a suit that looks good, buy the one that fits you well. Perfectly fitted clothes are those that draw attention to the best portions of your body. They mustn’t highlight parts that you would like to hide such as your tummy. There is no harm in having your clothes tailored to make sure they fit.

9: Be Fashionable, Not Trendy

Whether you are in a leadership role or not, you need to find a combination of classic and perfection. There is no harm in wearing fashionable clothing but dressing trendy might not be favorable for your role.

10: Minimize the Accessories

Now you don’t want one to be the one who is loaded with accessories, would you? You are here to work, so keep the accessories to the minimum. Choose one statement bag and light jewelry. Wear thin rings and stud earrings. This way, you won’t look flashy.

Final Words

Last but not least, choose the attire that best projects your personal style. It’s more important than looking good in the spotlight. Above it all, when you are shopping for mehndi dress for ladies, don’t forget to be yourself.