4 Ways to Protect Your Trees from Rodents and Deer

Trees are a great addition to the environment. They provide shade to humans and animals, help transform human respiratory waste, and also serve as windbreaks. More than their functional value, trees also provide aesthetic value to homes and properties, making them look better.

Homeowners who enjoy their outdoor space will often come in contact with rodents like squirrels, rabbits, deer, or other animals frolicking around their trees. These animals often mean no harm, but their activities can be damaging to the home and its surrounding areas. One of Portland’s trusted tree removal company noted that rodent problems, when left unchecked, can cause tree deaths.

Getting rid of rodents and deer from around your trees, especially if you’ve deliberately planted one, can be a tough feat. However, below are the four recommended approaches for protecting your trees from these animals.

Install Barriers

Rodents love trees. Rodents like squirrels and rats may live in trees for years. This can damage the tree, especially as rodent activities may contribute to the tree’s death. A great way to protect your tree from such fate is to install barriers to keep rodents and deer away.

Rodents don’t have barriers unless one is installed. You can start with perimeter fences that go around your home and property. These fences can keep larger animals like deer out of your home or perimeter.

It is important to note that perimeter fences may not be a great idea, especially if you’re looking to cut costs. Consider the size of your property and the material options available when making this decision. It is also important to note that perimeter fences will only keep larger animals away from your property, smaller ones, like squirrels and other rodents, will still have access to your trees.

If yours is a large property with an expansive perimeter, you can save a lot of money by choosing to install a perimeter fence around your trees instead. It is important to consider the future when installing such barriers. Ensure that smaller trees are allowed enough space to grow within the perimeter created around them.

You can also choose to erect wire fencing around your property. Wire fencing is less expensive and can be used to keep smaller rodents out by installing a mesh on the lower part of the wire fence.

Please note that a metal mesh is most preferred as rodents can chew through plastic mesh easily. You should also ensure to pick a hedge plant that deer don’t like to plant around the wire mesh poles.

Install Startling Objects

Startling objects like scarecrows are an important way to get rid of deer and other animals disturbing your trees. They can be inexpensive and cost-effective for scaring large and small animals. However, they may become ineffective over time, especially when the animals become used to them.

To make scarecrows, you can get a cross-shaped wood and wear some clothes on it. This often gives a human appearance which can often scare small and large animals away. You can also hang noise-making strings or wind chimes around the tree to give it the perfect protection.

Homeowners can also explore the more expensive automatic or sensor-operated options that spray water or other liquids on rodents or animals nearing the tree.

Use Natural Repellents

One of the most effective ways of getting rid of rodents and animals around the tree is through natural repellents. This approach is less costly and less harmful to the environment. You can start by planting trees that are naturally avoided by rodents and deer. This can be poisonous trees, or you can introduce other larger animals that prey on rodents or deer.

Chemical Repellents

The last approach to keeping your trees rodent and deer-free is the use of chemicals. Chemical usage is often harmful to the environment and so is recommended only as a last resort, especially in cases where other options have failed.

The use of chemicals can be deadly to rodents and deer or can simply discourage them from visiting the trees. Consider your options carefully before exploring the chemical approach.

Taking proper safety precautions when using the chemical approach is also important. This is because some chemicals can be bad for both humans and animals.

Ensure the chemicals are used according to the manufacturer’s direction and that proper safety precautions are taken to prevent health hazards.

The above strategies can help get rid of rodents and deer from your trees. They can also help keep your tree healthy and safe for years to come.