Cheryl Johnson-LaVine Insight Into Personal Life

Zach LaVine, an American basketball player in the NBA, is well-known for having Cheryl Johnson-LaVine as his mother. Her spouse, former American football player Paul LaVine, is another notable fact about her. She had already achieved some notoriety after marrying Paul, but Zach LaVine’s celebrity allowed her to achieve even greater recognition. When she was a college student, Cheryl Johnson-Lavine was a promising softball player, but she gave up her career to support her family. She is such a wonderful person. Even though she is getting older, she is still the center of her family and gives her son a lot of support in his sport.


Cheryl Johnson-Lavine hasn’t revealed anything about her upbringing. Thus, we are unaware of her birth year. This stunning American woman was born on November 30. The general public is unaware of her location of birth. She identifies as white and Caucasian in terms of race. In terms of her romantic history, the exotic woman wed former American football player Paul Lavine.

The pair has been together and cherishes their time together ever since their marriage. Paul and Cheryl Johnson-Lavine have four children together. Zach LaVine, Linda Carter, Camryn LaVine, and Chandi Leishman are the names of her children. Zach LaVine, her son, is a well-known American basketball player. Mother and son are frequently photographed having fun together. Neither Cheryl Johnson-Lavine nor her siblings have ever talked about them.

Therefore, no information is available regarding her parents or siblings. Cheryl’s husband and son are primarily to blame for her success. She originally gained notoriety after getting hitched to Paul. The couple was spotted together more frequently following their marriage. She thus found herself in the media’s spotlight. In actuality, her marriage elevated her to fame. Zach, her son, is another factor in her appeal.

Zach has a strong relationship with Cheryl Johnson-mother Lavine’s and frequently posts images of the two of them on his social media accounts, which has contributed to her popularity skyrocketing since he turned pro. Any social media network, including Twitter and Instagram, does not have Cheryl as a user. Her son, on the other hand, is a frequent user of social media. Zach has a following of 2.5 million people on Instagram with the handle @zachlavine8.

Education and Profession

There isn’t a lot of information on her education. All we know is that she has a degree because she was a talented softball player in college. Speaking of her occupation, the stunning woman is unemployed. She has spent her entire life caring for her family as a housewife. She performed her duties as a housewife admirably. She was the only one who supported her husband and son with unwavering support while they achieved such great success.

Net Worth

Since Cheryl Johnson-Lavine is a stay-at-home mom, her net worth is somewhat minimal. In spite of this, her son and her husband have made a fortune. Her son is the only one with a sizable $30 million net worth. Given her enormous wealth and the lavish lifestyle, she leads with her family, Cheryl Johnson-Lavine. The gorgeous woman is currently a resident in a luxurious property in Renton, Washington.


Although not much information is available about her in the public domain but Cheryl Johnson-Lavine was a promising softball player, but she gave up her career to support her family. She is such a wonderful person. She still provides for her family and actively supports her son in his sport despite her advanced age.