Finding the Best Hat is More Than Just Style but Also about Fit

Looking for a hat that looks chic is one thing but one that fits perfectly on your head is different altogether. The right fit will complement your look and face. Even the most expensive hat in the world is of no use if it slants over the eyes or covers your entire forehead. Whether you’re looking for the best-fit headwear for winter or summer, you can consider a unisex felted fedora perfect for everyday use. And of course, you need to get the hat size right.

So, if you are out in the market to buy a perfect cowboy hat or fedora, understand what size you will require before making the payment.

Sizing up is important

When you get the tailor to measure your head and it comes in between numerical, take the round up to the subsequent one-eighth inch. Though it may not look like a significant variation, each fraction of the inch will make a big difference if you want to wear a comfortable hat.

If you size down, the hat you choose may end up being too snug. That’s why size up as you can size the hat down using the measurement tape. The size chart on websites selling cowboy hats will help you pick the best-fit headwear. Your hat should fit securely. Don’t settle for a hat that’s too loose or too tight making you feel uncomfortable.

Take measurements twice

Always take measurements twice so that you’re certain the hat you pick has the right fit. Measuring just once will not help if you are doing it for the first time and that too without anyone’s help. When you place an online order for a hat with imprecise measurements, you’ll end up buying a fedora that’s too tight and uncomfortable to wear. You can look up to get accurate measurements when purchasing a cowboy hat or something other.

When you take measurements twice, you’ll be on the right track. And if the sizes are different from the first time, we recommend measuring for the third time. You should get the same number twice or thrice to be sure of picking the right-sized hat. That’s why you need to take the help of a tailor to take precise measurements so that you don’t repent later.

Expect little differences between manufacturers

Every hat is differently manufactured based on size and style. Though you will find an industry standard when it comes to hat sizes, some differences will be there. Minor inconsistencies are fine. However, you need to take measurements and refer to the online store’s size chart before making a purchase.

The size chart is the best way to buy headwear that fits perfectly to make you feel comfortable for regular use. If you aren’t sure of measurements or can’t interpret size charts, get in touch with the website customer care for assistance.


Look your best by taking appropriate head measurements and then choose a hat that’s not too tight. Measure more than once to get the perfect-sized hat.