How to Reduce the Appearance of Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Now, as much as you undoubtedly agree with the notion that a person should be judges on their personality, their nature, and their actions, over how shiny their hair is and how small their waistline is, it is perfectly acceptable to also want to look your best and even fight against natural signs of aging.

Fine lines and wrinkles are part and parcel of getting older, and whether your face now resembles that of an elderly dog, or else you only have the slightest hint of a forehead wrinkle, if you are looking to reduce their appearance, then read on.

Book Yourself a Regenexx Consultation

Regenexx is an FDA-approved, trusted, and scientifically backed alternative to surgery of an orthopedic nature. As such, is the treatment choice for a range of ailments, mild and more severe.

As you age and the wrinkles and fine lines around your face and neck become more pronounced, your skin tends to lose structural integrity and elasticity due to the damage endured by your skin cells. Regenexx can make a huge difference to the strength of your skin cells and help your skin look smoother for longer.

Go ahead and learn more about the range of impressive benefits to Regenexx and how such an innovative and minimally invasive procedure can help to fight the signs of aging.

Sleep on Your Back

If you naturally curl up in the fetal position when you go to sleep, and indeed, if you struggle to sleep in any other way, then it may well be difficult to change the habit of a lifetime.

However, should you be more relaxed when it comes to your sleeping positions at night, then from now on, you should try and fall asleep on your back, as prolonged pressure on one side of the face can cause more wrinkles than necessary.

Wear Your Glasses!

Even though, these days, glasses are considered to be attractive and even sexy for both men and women, so many people across the country still refuse to wear their glasses as they have been prescribed, or indeed, wear them at all, they should at least consider trying contact lenses to help ease their eyes.

If you are overworking your eyes and straining to read smaller print, then your muscles are also being overworked, and groovers under the surface of the skin are more likely to appear. In addition, make sure you always wear sunglasses, prescription or otherwise, in the sunshine, as sun damage can have a hugely negative impact on the condition of the skin.

Don’t Over-Wash Your Face!

Finally, even though cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your face is important, especially if you wear make-up on a regular basis, it is still important to not over-wash and, certainly, exfoliate your face too often.

Your skin, as logic would dictate if you thought about it, comes with its own layer of natural protection, and when you wash your face too often and too vigorously, you strip away this natural barrier against the elements.