Know about Korie Kellogg, the veteran b-ball player, Eddy Curry’s wife

Korie Kellogg is someone who got her fame for being a celebrity wife. She is the ex-wife of the famous basketball player Eddy Curry (Jr.).

Korie Kellogg’s Family

Korie Kellogg lived a very private life, and there isn’t much information available on the internet about her personal life, her parents, birth date, or birthplace. It is known that she is Eddy Curry’s ex-wife. Eddy Curry, was hitched to Korie Kellogg in 2001. The couple had a child named Eddy Curry III. The couple however got separated and divorced in the same year. Eddy Curry (Jr.) was born on 5 December 1982 in Harvey, Illinois, U.S.and is an American basketball player. His parents are Eddy Curry Sr. and Gayle Curry. He has three siblings: Beth Curry, Jason Curry, and Nicole Curry. He was involved with his girlfriend, Nova Henry while he was as yet hitched to Patrice. And had two children with Nova, Noah Curry, and Ava Curry. Eddy married Patrice Curry in the year 2005.

Patrice was born on March 7th, 1979 in Illinois, U.S. to Belizean parents. She also has a sister named Brandi. Patrice and Eddy together have 4 children, two sons, named Reiganna Curry and Reign Curry, and two daughters, named Reigan Curry and Reidan Curry.

Controversies/ Scandals

Korie and her ex-husband Eddy, both of their lives have been plagued with troubles and controversies.

Korie was charged with aggravated battery of a child. Prosecutors said Korie beat her 10-year-old son ten times with a belt. She said she was merely disciplining the child, who had been misbehaving at school. A Will County later issued a not guilty verdict.

In 2007, Eddy and his family were robbed at gunpoint in their home in Burr Ridge, Illinois. In 2009, Nova Henry, Eddy’s girlfriend at the time and the mother of 2 of his seven children was murdered in her apartment along with their 9-month-old daughter, Ava. Their 3-year-old daughter, Noah, witnessed the attack, for which the girlfriend’s attorney was charged. In January 2009, Eddy was sued by his former chauffeur, David Kuchinsky.

David accused Eddy of sexual harassment. He also claimed Eddy owed him $68,000 in unpaid wages and $25,000 in expenses that Eddy never repaid. The lawsuit was dismissed on May 28, 2009, and sent to arbitration. Eddy’s troubled past also includes foreclosure, rumors of a congenital heart defect, showing up to training camp out-of-shape, and massive debt.

Korie Kellogg’s Net Worth

Korie has not disclosed her net worth to the public but it can be said that she is living a healthy lifestyle. Eddy is a former professional basketball player named Mr. Basketball of Illinois and the MVP of McDonald’s All-American Game of 2001. He has a net worth of $3 million and Patrice has a $1 million net worth and was a part of a cast member on the VH1 reality series titled Basketball Wives LA.