Who is Mary Alexander Paterson

Mary Alexander Paterson is the ex-wife of Curtis Sliwa. Mary Alexader is a private lady who loves to keep her life private. Most of her details have not been shared on social media platforms, explaining why little is known regarding her sage.

Mary Alexander was married to her first husband in 2000, and she became popular because her first husband was an American activist and a host on a radio talk show. Mary Alexander was not the first wife to the American activist because Curtis Sliwa had twice before he met Mary Alexander.

Mary Alexander Paterson’s Ex-Husband

Curtis Sliwa is a popular guy known for his radio talk show and being an activist. In 20211, he was nominated by the Republicans to run for the 2021 New York City mayor position, but he lost to Aeric Adams.

Before venturing into politics, Curtis Sliwa was the founder and CEO of Guardian Angeles, a non-profit organization aimed at unarmed crime prevention. It is believed that the 1992 incident where Sliwa was kidnapped and shot at by two men in a stolen taxi gave Curtis the drive to open the non-profit organization.

Curtis Sliwa and Mary alexander Paterson exchanged vows in 2000. Mary was the third wife of the famous radio talk show host and worked as the national director of Curtis’s non-profit organization Guardian Angeles.

Curtis Sliwa and Mary Alexander had a partnership for some time, and out of their relationship, they had one child named Anthony Chester. Unfortunately, the couple divorced, although the cause of their divorce has not been shared with the public.

Curtis Sliwa met Nancy Regula, an overseer of Animal Protection in the Guardian Angeles, and they started dating. It seems Nancy and Curtis are married now.

Is Mary Alexander Paterson Married?

In 2015, Mary Alexander met David Paterson, a prominent politician she started dating two years later. David Paterson and Mary Alexander officially married in 2019 at the Water Club in Manhattan.

During the wedding ceremony, Mary Alexander’s son Anthony Chester was her best man, and he wished his mother a happy married life.

Who is Mary Alexander Paterson’s Husband?

David Paterson is the current husband of the businesswoman Mary alexander. The duo met in 2015, and they started dating in 2017. The wedding was held in 2019, and the two have been living happily ever since.

David Paterson is a popular figure and the first African American to be the 55th governor of New York. David Paterson broke the New York records when he was elected as the governor, considering he was a legally blind person.

The politician was born in Brooklyn to a homemaker, Portia Hairston Paterson, and Basil Paterson, a labor law attorney. When David was three months old, he had an ear infection that affected his optic nerve making him blind in the left eye and limited vision in the right eye.

The former governor has been married previously, and Mary Galda was her third wife. Paterson was married and had a daughter before 1992, when he married Paige. The couple had a son named Alex, and they divorced in 2014.