Know About Larry Hoover’s Daughter Samaya Hoover

Samaya Hoover is the daughter of former American gang leader Larry Hoover and the founder of the Chicago street gang Gangster Disciples. Presently her father is serving six life sentences for various criminal cases of murder, drug conspiracy, extortion, and money laundering he is convicted of. After a 17-year undercover investigation by the federal government, he was convicted on all charges on August 22, 1995, and sentenced to 200 years in 1997 for a 1973 murder case. Since then he has been kept at the ADX Florence prison in Florence, Colorado.

More About Samaya Hoover

Full Name: Samaya Hoover
Stage Name: Samaya Hoover
Gender: Female
Birthday: Not Known
Place Of Origin: U.S.
Age: Not Known
Nationality: American
Sexual orientation:  Straight
Marital status: Single 
Spouse: Not Known
Profession: Not Known
Parents: Larry Hoover, Winndye Jenkins
Grandparents: Not Known

Samaya Hoover’s Family Background

Samaya’s father Larry Hoover was born on November 30, 1950, in Jackson, Mississippi. Winndye Jenkins is her mother, who fought for Hoover’s freedom. Winndye is of African-American descent. She has three siblings including Larry Bernard, Larry Hoover Jr., and Tryee Hoover.

Larry was involved in criminal activities with his friend such as theft and mugging from the age of 12. In his 20s, he was convicted of various offenses and was sent to prison several times. At a very young age he emerged as the leader of the Chicago-based Supreme Gangster. The gang merged with rival gangster David Barksdale to form the Black Gangster Disciples Nation. The gang was engaged in illicit activities like extortion, shooting, and assault. After Barksdale got injured in a shooting in 1969, Hoover became the combined  leader of the both gangs, intensifying the illegal activities. After the death of Barksdale in 1974 due to kidney failure, the gang was renamed Gangster Disciple.

Under Hoover, the gang-controlled South Side drug trade in Chicago, that made more than $1000 in profits in a day. He survived 6 shooting attempts targeted at him.

Samaya Hoover’s Career 

Samaya’s father Hoover on February 26, 1973, ordered the killing of 19-year-old boy William ”Pooky” Young who was accused of stealing money and drugs from the gang. The boy was abducted by Andrew Howard and shot to death near 68th street in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood Union Avenue. After the death of Young, Hoover and Howard were arrested on March 16, 1973, and were sentenced to 150 to 200 years. Hoover was sent to Stateville Correctional Centre in Crest Hill, Illinois. Even after being sent to prisons, he continued to have a hold on drug dealing in Chicago’s South and West Side, which later spread throughout the United States. 

He also supported the formation of Folks Nation that comprised small gangs like Black Disciples, Gangsters Disciples, La Raza, Maniac Latin Disciples, and Spanish Gangster Disciples. His criminal gang gained public acceptance when it started holding charity events, and peaceful protests. He registered an NGO with the name Growth & Development that helped disadvantaged people, and engaged in peaceful protests in support of the social cause. 

Samaya Hoover’s Family Net Worth 

Samaya’s father is known to have had a wealth of $100 million.. According to an investigation, Hoover’s gang had 30,000 members across 35 states of the U.S., with a profit of $100 million per year. While in prison Hoover continued gaining popularity through the social activities carried out by his NGO and gained support from society and celebrities. American Rapper Kanye West spoke about his release several times. Along with fellow rapper Drake, he hosted a “Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert” at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in his support.