Scarlett Teresa White, Personal Life and Net Worth

Scarlett Teresa White is one of those lucky kids, who are born into a celebrity family and receive public attention for no reason. The young teenager is popular among people because of her celebrity parents, Jack White and Karen Elson. Already intrigued to know more about Scarlett Teresa White?

Well, today we are going to talk about Scarlett Teresa White only. So, read the article and unfold never-told details about her life such as her parents, siblings, early life, love life, education, work, net worth, and just everything.

Personal life

Born on 2nd May 2006 in the USA to American Jack White and English Karen Elson, Scarlett Teresa White is a 16-year-old celebrity daughter. The nationality of  Scarlett Teresa White is not confirmed. Needless to say that she enjoyed a privileged childhood. As for the love life of Scarlett Teresa White, the young girl might be in a romantic relationship at the moment. However, she has not made anything public regarding her love life. Even if she is dating someone, we hope that it would not be any serious love affair.

Parents and siblings

Scarlett Teresa White is the oldest of two children of her parents, Karen Elson and Jack White. His parents got married in 2005 and, in the next 2 years, they were blessed with two lovely kids. However, their marriage could not last long and they ended in divorce in 2013. After that, the father of Scarlett Teresa White married another lady recently while there is no information on the romantic relationships of her mother. As for the siblings, Scarlett Teresa White has one younger brother and his name is Henry Lee, who was born in 2007.

As for the professions of her parents, her father is a renowned American musician while her mother is a British model.


Scarlett Teresa White is just a teenager right now. Given the fact, there is hardly any chance of her having any kids, as she is too young to become a mother.

Education and profession

Since the father of Scarlett Teresa White is very reclusive, no information is available on her educational background.  As for her profession, she is 16 years old today. Given this fact,  she is focusing on her studies right now,  not on her professional career.

Reason for the popularity of Scarlett Teresa White

This is a no-brainer that the main reason for the popularity of Scarlett Teresa White is her parents Karen Elson and Jack White, who both are famous personalities and have achieved great success in their respective careers.

Net worth of Scarlett Teresa White

Well, Scarlett Teresa White does not have any net worth at the moment because she is not professionally active. As she is the daughter of rich parents, she obviously enjoys an opulent life. As of now, his father alone holds an outstanding net worth of around 60 million.


Scarlett Teresa White is as glamorous as her mother and she seems to enjoy the stardom that she is getting today. It won’t be wrong to say that we might see her in the glamor world in the coming future.