Mshon Pulliam, Personal Life and Net Worth

Mshon Pulliam is a famous financial advisor from America. However, he is best known for being the brother of American actress, Keshia Knight Pulliam. Today, we are here to disclose all the details about Mshon Pulliam.

So, read the article further and unfold the intriguing life details about Mshon Pulliam including his childhood, parents, siblings, education, profession, love life, net worth, and other details.

Personal life

Despite being a celebrity brother and a popular personality himself, not much information is available about the early life of Mshon Pulliam. From his exact date of birth to his birthplace, you will not find anything. If you talk about the names of his parents, he is the son of Denise and James Knight Pulliam Sr.

Speaking of the love life of Mshon Pulliam, today he is a married man. The name of his wife is not known but he regularly uploads loving pictures of her wife on his social media handle.

Parents and siblings

Mshon Pulliam is one of four kids of his parents Denise and James Knight Pulliam Sr. Besides the names, nothing much is known about the parents of Mshon Pulliam. On the professional front, the only known thing about his father’s profession is that he was a manager. On the other hand, the profession of his mother is a complete secret.

Speaking of the siblings of Mshon Pulliam he has two brothers and one sister and their names are James Knight Pulliam II, Juwan Pulliam, and Knight Pulliam. Today, his sister, Knight Pulliam, is a famous American actress.


According to one of the posts of Mshon Pulliam on his Instagram handle, he has been married to his wife for almost 4 years and the couple is so much in love with each other today. Together, they have one son who was born recently and would be a few months old only. The name of the son of Mshon Pulliam is not known.

Education and profession

Well, not much information about the early life of Mshon Pulliam is known and this is the reason that his education is also a mystery. With the fact that he is a financial advisor by profession, we hope that he must have received a good education in his life.

Reason for the popularity of Mshon Pulliam

Of course, it’s the sister of Mshon Pulliam who makes him popular. Nonetheless, the active presence of Mshon Pulliam on social media is also a big reason for his popularity.

Net worth of Mshon Pulliam

Since Mshon Pulliam has never talked about his earnings and income, we can’t really estimate his net worth. However, with the fact that he is a famous financial advisor and is quite successful in his professional career too, it won’t be wrong to estimate that he must have a good net worth.


Though Mshon Pulliam is not active in the entertainment world like his sister, Knight Pulliam, he has achieved great success professionally and managed to grab public attention as well. No doubt he is a celebrity in himself.