Sean Carroll O’Connor, Personal Life and Net Worth

Sean Carroll O’Connor is the son of late American actor Huge O’Connor. He garnered publicity when he was just an infant and his father died. It’s been a long time since that thing. Today, we wonder where Sean Carroll O’Connor is and what he is doing.

Let’s quickly find out all information about his personal life, profession, education, childhood, net worth, and other such information.

Personal life:

The son of Huge O’Connor and Angela O’Connor, Sean Carroll O’Connor was born in 1993 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  He spent his childhood in the same place. Today, Sean is 29 years old. The young man must be involved in some romantic relationship. However, he never made it public. He keeps his personal life so private that the media can’t even get a whiff of it.

Parents & siblings:

Hugh O’Connor and Angela O’Connor are the parents of Sean Carroll O’Connor. His father died in 1995 after committing suicide. He was a drug addict. His parents remained together only for 3 years. As for profession, his father was an actor, while his mother worked as a wardrobe assistant when his father spotted her. Not just his father, his grandfather, Carroll O’Connor, is also a renowned actor.

Speaking of siblings, Sean Carroll O’Connor doesn’t have any siblings. After the death of his father, his mother probably didn’t marry anyone.


As far as we know, Sean Carroll O’Connor has no kids yet. The dotting man is not married. However, things can go beyond our assumption, as he keeps his personal life under the wraps.

Education and profession:

With the fact that Sean Carroll O’Connor belongs to a well-to-do family, he must have completed his education at some top-level and renowned school. However, there is no reliable information available regarding the same. Speaking of profession, here again, the young man chose to keep his life private. He never let the world know about his profession. The only thing we can say is that he definitely doesn’t work as an actor like his father and grandfather. He has pursued his career in some other field.

Reason for the popularity of Sean Carroll O’Connor:

Of course, the reason for the popularity of Sean Carroll O’Connor is his father and family. He belongs to an actor’s family and this thing is enough for someone to enjoy the limelight for life. During the death of his father, he also garnered huge media attention. Since then, he has been in the media spotlight every now and then.

Net worth of Sean Carroll O’Connor:

As you already know, there is hardly any information available regarding the profession of Sean Carroll O’Connor, how can one know his net worth? He must be earning good money, but he never made his profession public. The only thing we are sure of him is that he leads a luxurious life, as he boasts a rich family background. His grandfather had a huge net worth of $25 million.


Sean Carroll O’Connor couldn’t enjoy his father’s love. Still, he takes life so easy. He is definitely a strong man and his mother is a core pillar of his strength.