Susan Jeanne Metzger, Personal Life and Net Worth

Susan Jeanne Metzger is a popular celebrity mother, best known for being the mother of popular American actress, Daryl Hannah. Though the other kids and husband of Susan Jeanne Metzger are also popular, she is mainly known for being the mother of Daryl Hannah.

Today, let us divulge details about Susan Jeanne Metzger including her early life, parents, siblings, children, husband, education, work, net worth, and all other things.

Personal life

Since Susan Jeanne Metzger herself is not a notable personality, there is no information available about her early life. From the names of her parents to her birthplace, nothing is known to the public. If you talk about the love life of Susan Jeanne Metzger, she had a romantic relationship with American businessman and film producer Jerrold Wexler. The couple got married in 1969 and remained together till the death of her husband in 1992.

Parents and siblings

Here, you will not find any information because Susan Jeanne Metzger herself never bothered to talk about her family and siblings. Even after becoming popular, Susan Jeanne Metzger has not disclosed anything regarding her parents and siblings.


Susan Jeanne Metzger had a blissful married life with her husband, Jerrold Wexler. The couple had three kids together and their names are Daryl Hannah, Page Hannah, and Don Hannah. The interesting thing is that all of her kids are popular personalities and have made something big in their respective careers.

Education and profession

This is another thing about the life of Susan Jeanne Metzger that is a mystery to the public. However, we are pretty sure that Susan Jeanne Metzger is a well-educated lady because she was a school teacher by profession. So, obviously, she can’t be a teacher without having a good education. In the later years of her life, Susan Jeanne Metzger became a film producer. However, Susan Jeanne Metzger herself has not confirmed this.

Reason for the popularity of Susan Jeanne Metzger

It’s the children of Susan Jeanne Metzger who make her a popular personality, especially her daughter, Daryl Hannah. She is a well-established actress and has achieved really big in her acting career. Susan Jeanne Metzger shares a very good bonding with all of her kids who somehow keeps her in the headlines.

Net worth of Susan Jeanne Metzger

With the fact that Susan Jeanne Metzger was a school teacher, it can be assumed that she must have earned a good amount of money in her career, not a huge amount though. Nevertheless, she has always enjoyed an opulent lifestyle because her husband was a notable businessman. And then, her daughter became such a big film celebrity. As of 2022, her daughter is estimated to have a whooping net worth of around 20 million.


Enjoying professional success is a big thing but seeing your kids achieve great heights of success is even bigger and Susan Jeanne Metzger has experienced both. She has definitely justified her role to herself as well as to her kids really well.