The 3 Most Popular Pets in the US

Whether you are looking into the various options for adopting an animal from your local rescue and are stuck between choosing one species over another, or else are not currently in the position to bring a pet into your home and are looking towards the future, either way continue reading.

Here are the top three most popular pets in the United States.


First and foremost, they do not call dogs ‘man’s best friend’ for nothing and it is no surprise that they are the most popular animal kept as pets in the country.

Naturally, different breeds of dogs tend to have slightly different average life spans, but as long as they attend regular appointments with, they will be happy, healthy and live for a long time.

Considerations should you be thinking of introducing a dog into the family include whether or not you are home enough to give one the love and attention they need, if you can afford the veterinary bills and insurance, and if you are prepared to walk them each and every day.


On the other side of the most popular domesticated pet camp are cats and from way back in the Ancient Egyptian times to the present day, many people worship these feisty felines and welcome them into their home.

Cats are independent and territorial, and whereas a dog would want to be with you everywhere you go and during every minute of the day, a cat is far more likely to only come to you sporadically and firmly on their own terms.

Benefits of welcoming a cat into your family include:

  • Quirky entertainment and play
  • Small amount of dedicated cat space required
  • A strong and mutually respectful bond
  • A natural pest control method

As cats generally prefer to have 24/7 access to the great outdoors, it takes a certain type of person to be comfortable to let their pet out of sight for hours and hours.


The third most popular pet in the US is the bunny rabbit, and thankfully, as the years go by, more and more people are not only realizing that rabbits should be kept inside the house, but that the pet store ‘hutches’ are essentially a prison.

Rabbits, when you take the time to get to know their individual character, ensure that you provide them with everything they need to be healthy (both mentally and physically) and that you let them love you in their own time, can be just as close to you as a dog or cat.

Even with the deepest and most intrinsic bond between a bunny and their owner, it is still much healthier to keep rabbits in multiples of two, as there is no substitute for their own kind.

Interestingly, rabbits show their love for their human friends in the same way that dogs do, by licking the forehead, the fingers, and even the lips, and if you have a rabbit who behaves in this way, you could not be a better bunny parent.