This is how to keep your swimming pool in excellent condition

Having your own swimming pool is a dream for many people around the world. This should come as no surprise, because it can give you so much enjoyment—from throwing pool parties to relaxing in the water after a long day at work. It’s also the ultimate signal of wealth creation and success in life, so it’s little wonder that swimming pools are so popular.

However, anyone who actually owns a swimming pool will tell you that they can be tricky to maintain year on year, so you need to learn how to stay on top of any issues that arise and tackle them before they become eye-wateringly expensive.

This is the ultimate “Instagram versus reality” challenge, because having your own private pool can turn a dream into a nightmare if you’re not prepared to stay vigilant and invest the necessary money to keep the pool in working order.

After all, there’s no point paying a lot of money for a pool if you let it fall into poor condition, with unclean water and cracked tiles.

Therefore, to help you stay on top of your swimming pool maintenance, here’s a quick guide:

Hire a pool maintenance company to help you keep it functioning correctly

Undoubtedly one of the best ways to keep your swimming pool in excellent condition is to hire a specialist pool maintenance company to do the work required. This is because private pools are made up of a complex series of systems that each need to function correctly to keep the pool functioning as intended.

For example, you need to make sure that the water pumps are working properly, that the water filtration system is functioning, and that the water itself has the correct amount of chlorine content. Unless you’re an expert, these are tasks best suited to a professional service.

You may also need to renovate the tiles from time to time, as they’ll age and begin to crack. Again, don’t attempt to do the work yourself—just hire a pool renovation company to come in and complete the job for you.

Clean out the pool regularly

Hygiene should be at the forefront of your mind at all times if you’re fortunate enough to own a private swimming pool. After all, no one wants to swim in dirty water that hasn’t been properly cleaned by chlorine or filtered through the system correctly.

Outside pools are also constantly subjected to leaves, twigs, insects, and other detritus falling into the water and making a mess. This is unavoidable unless a cover is placed over the pool at all times (which rather defeats the purpose of having the pool).

Thankfully, you can hire a pool cleaner or just buy a robotic cleaner that hoovers the bottom of the pool for you. Alternatively, use a large net to scoop up any leaves floating on the surface.

Follow seasonal best practices

You should also make sure that you’re following the right actions at various times of the year. For example, during winter months, it may be wise to drain the pool to prevent the water from becoming stagnant.

You’ll then have to switch off the pumps, and reverse the process come springtime.