Unique Interior Colors that Will Bring Summer Into Your Home

Summer is just one step away, the days are getting warmer, and we long for the days we will spend under the sun and find ways to bring summer into our homes.

That is why we have selected warm colors that will dominate interior design this summer and help you achieve the ultimate style in your homes!


According to Pinterest and Instagram, the color green has won over interior lovers in a big way. The protagonist, however, is a shade of mint green – a color that can be adapted to all seasons if combined correctly. More precisely, in the warmer months, you can paint the walls in this shade, add earth-tone furniture, and then decorate it with colorful decorative items – like bright reds, blues, and yellows. In addition, green is a color loved by nature lovers. It has relaxing properties and contributes very positively to concentration and calmness. In general, it is an ideal tone to “unify” your interior with the view of greenery seen from your window. Also, if you have a garden, take inspiration from it to choose shades.


Whenever we come into contact with the color blue, we will think of the clear blue waters of the paradise islands. In addition, blue is a calm and peaceful color, even in its most intense forms. For those who don’t know, it symbolizes trust and loyalty, and those who choose it are considered trustworthy. In addition, research has shown that people working in areas with the color blue predominates more productive. In stressful situations, they succeed and remain calmer and more focused. In terms of ways you can integrate it into your space, there are two. One is to dare to paint your wall blue and balance it by choosing furniture in neutral tones – like white, beige, and brown, while the other is to paint the wall in a safe color – like white and beige, and combine it with wooden furniture and decorate with colored cushions or full of patterns – like animal, plaid and tufted prints. Add books and houseplants.


If you’re looking for a color that will lift your mood more than any other, yellow is the answer. It creates a cheerful and friendly mood – in fact, its presence is said to have the ability to release serotonin, a neurotransmitter that contributes to feelings of happiness. The perfect way to fit it into your space is to combine it with colors like green, blue, pink, black, and purple, which tend to create a perfect contrast. Also, if you want a more vivid result, you can use more than two colors. For example, you can paint part of the wall in yellow, combine it with a sofa in the same shade, and place small “happy” touches – such as decorative pillows in blue and red, decorative books, and fresh flowers.

Light red

Light red is a lively color that is difficult to fit into interiors. More precisely, a rather bold way is to install red wallpaper with floral patterns, combine it with a red sofa and a wooden table and finish with decorative items – like blue, yellow, and green pillows.


White is a color that is widely used in home decoration, and this is because it is easy to combine. Of course, this year, many white shades will put you in a real dilemma about which one to choose for your home. You should pay special attention to the furniture to give your home a summer character. Then add some color through armchairs, pillows, and a lamp, to “break” the monotony and create a stunning result. Finally, remember to use different textures. For example, materials – such as brick, wood, a comfortable carpet, or an armchair – would be more attractive with fabric.

In addition to our list of the top trendy colors for this year, 2023, we’ll list a few more colors and shades that have been trendy for several years in interior design. All these colors could fit perfectly into your interior, but if you need help choosing the color scheme for your room style and personal preferences, consider contacting professional services such as interior painting Calgary; they will resolve your dilemmas, paint your walls in the right color and do an excellent job for you.

Colors that fit very well with any space and that last for seasons as a complete hit are: mustard yellow, warm orange, dirty pink, turquoise, dark purple, and lavender color. We can add to them the always seductive and warm burgundy, which is perfect for bright and spacious rooms, is an excellent choice for bedrooms, and is perfectly combined with modern elements, such as concrete or stone, but also with traditionally present wood and furniture in earthy or neutral colors tones.