Why Hire Jazz Musicians For Your Wedding?

Arguably the most important aspect of your wedding after deciding on the location and guest list, the entertainment isn’t something to be taken lightly. It can set the tone for the entire event and will be one of the key components people will remember long after the wedding celebration has died down.

There are several options to consider when weighing entertainment options, such as:

  • You could hire a wedding DJ
  • You could hire a rock band
  • You can let your friend’s band play
  • And more

We’ll argue why you should hire jazz musicians for your wedding in this blog. Long story short, it’s the classiest option, keeps the ceremony low-key, and it’s an option everyone will be happy with.

In an ideal world, you would tailor your wedding to your exact expectations and demands. But dealing with the wedding party, the guest list, and particular in-laws could make this a challenging task.

In the spirit of making your wedding as enjoyable as possible for all those involved, consider going the easy route and hiring a jazz band to serve as your wedding’s entertainment. Keep reading to see exactly why this is one of the best options available.

Jazz Is Malleable & Versatile

Though you may have a certain type of jazz in mind when choosing your entertainment, the reality is jazz breaks down into several different categories, including:

  • Swing
  • Smooth jazz
  • Free-flowing jazz
  • Cool jazz
  • Bebop
  • Blues
  • Big band
  • Free jazz
  • Hard bop
  • Fusion
  • Improvised jazz
  • And more

So just because you hire jazz musicians to play at your wedding, it doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a specific sound or vibe to the night. Like many bands and musicians, jazz players can switch up the pace or style of a song depending on where they are in the celebration.

You can tailor the night’s setlist depending on how you want the evening to play out. For example, you may want a more upbeat vibe for the dance floor and a calmer sound for dinner service. Jazz musicians are versatile and able to switch it up at a moment’s notice. As natural improvisers, they can style their sound to however your wedding guests are feeling, and change on a dime.

It’s The Classiest Option

I mean really, what is classier than a nice jazz band? This can provide a level of professionalism and class to your wedding for that more elevated feel. You don’t need to play popular songs to meet the expectations of your guests. It’s your wedding, so if you want it to be more upscale, that’s your call.

This will surely please the older guests and will allow your wedding to be a pleasant memory that will hopefully kickstart your marriage in a sophisticated way.

Jazz Fits Any Venue

Whether you’re hosting your wedding indoors or outdoors, or in a massive palace or small church, jazz musicians can accommodate. This allows them to play at weddings of all shapes and sizes. Many jazz bands are acoustic, meaning they don’t need to plug in their instruments to produce adequate sound. This is perfect for outdoor venues.

It’s More Spontaneous Than A DJ

Jazz musicians bring a level of improvisation and spontaneity that wedding DJs can’t always provide. Rather than tailoring a specific playlist that can’t be changed, a jazz musician can play anything at a moment’s notice by improvising or simply switching up the setlist. This indicates you are a classy couple that isn’t ready to get locked into a routine. You can keep it spontaneous within your marriage.

Jazz Bands Are Easily Scalable

You can hire a full horns section with your jazz band or simply hire one jazz singer and guitarist for your wedding. It all depends on how elaborate your wedding is going to be. If you have a big wedding guest list, consider going bigger. But a little goes a long way, and jazz musicians can make a lot of sounds easily.

It Provides A More Intimate Setting

Your wedding is a collection of all your closest friends and loved ones. It’s a special occasion, and therefore, should feel special. How often do you see jazz musicians around, compared to DJs or other live bands? Exactly, you don’t. That’s because they are often reserved for special occasions or deeply intimate settings, like at a five-star restaurant or ceremony like a wedding.

Are There Drawbacks to Jazz Musicians?

While jazz musicians provide an upscale, classy atmosphere for your special day, they are limited in some ways. For example, they may be unable to accommodate specific requests. They might not know that Bruno Mars song you want to hear.

They also can’t bring a certain upbeat vibe to your wedding that you might be looking for. The dance floor won’t be jumping like a club or bar, and the music likely won’t be excessively loud. They might only know a handful of songs as well, which could be tough for entertaining a wedding party for several hours.

However, they can double up and serve as the music for your wedding ceremony and your celebration afterward. It all comes down to what you want at your wedding and what you’re willing to sacrifice if you choose jazz musicians for your wedding.

Final Word

If you want to provide a wedding experience that your guests will find unique, classy, upscale, and relaxing, consider a live jazz band for your wedding. If you want a club-like atmosphere with easily requested music and loud noises, you might prefer a wedding DJ or rock band.

But at the end of the day, make your wedding as close to your exact wants and needs as possible. Don’t choose an entertainment option because you want to please your guests. It’s your big day and you should make it exactly what you want.

As a recap, jazz musicians can provide

  • An elevated level of class
  • An upscale, fancier environment
  • A scalable entertainment option
  • A more intimate setting
  • A versatile and unique experience
  • The perfect option for indoor and outdoor weddings
  • And more!