5 Tips for Turning a Metal Garage into Living Space

Turning a metal garage into a living space is very trendy nowadays. Those practical structures are extremely durable, have lower construction costs, are very easy to expand if needed, and the possibilities of creating an attractive designed home are endless.

There is no need to spend someone’s lifetime savings on architectural fees to make your living space look wonderful. With some very easy and useful modifications, you can transform a metal garage construction into a nice and comfortable living space.

And as the popularity of minimalism is growing with rising housing costs, converting a metal garage into a tiny home is the best thing to do. That being said, here are some tips that will be very helpful in your remodeling adventures.

Proper insulation

Insulation plays the key role when it comes to converting a metal structure into a comfortable living space. Since metal is a very good heat conductor, you should find insulation experts to help you choose the best insulation for your home-to-be.

You want to ensure that your home stays warm in cold weather and cool during hotter periods, so you ought to choose the best possible insulation. This is an investment for the future, because it will keep your energy bills lower. Hire a team of insulation experts to install the insulation properly.

And if you think this is too much upfront investing, you can always look for do it yourself spray foam insulation alternatives. These are super easy to apply yourself, but make sure you choose the one that can be applied directly to a metal surface. And, of course, remember to wear protective clothing and a mask while applying to ensure you stay safe.

Make necessary preparations

But, as first things always come first, you will need to take care of these preparations:

  • Obtain a building permit from local building authorities.
  • Choose a metal building provider who will help you come up with the right dimensions and design.
  • Prepare the area for installation: clear the area from vegetation and waste, level out the ground, compress the soil and put a concrete slab on which your metal home will be firmly and stably situated.

Once you’ve done that, you can proceed with constructing your metal building, adding insulation and taking care of all of the other crucial steps.

5 Tips for Turning a Metal Garage into Living Space 2

Time for electricity and plumbing

When choosing the design of the metal garage, or transforming the one you already have, you have to make a proper plan of the space to the smallest of details. This will help you greatly when it comes the time to install electricity and plumbing.

But, in order to stay safe and ensure everything’s done correctly, you will need to hire a team of professionals who will take care of this part of the project for you. Of course, you can still share your ideas and wishes regarding the position of switches, outlets and water fixtures with the contractors.

Think about HVAC system

Do not forget about the importance of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning either. It will provide good indoor air quality and thermal control. HVAC system should also be installed by certified technicians. In order to make it even more sustainable and eco-friendly than it already is, you can even power your HVAC system with solar panels, thus making the most out of this renewable energy source.

Decorate your new living space

After all the hard work is done, it’s time to focus on decorating your new living space and making it truly feel like home. If you already have a vision of what you wish your space to look like, see how you can turn it into reality. And if you don’t, browse the web and take a tour of different websites that will help you get inspired.

Of course, the inside of your home doesn’t have to be where your imagination and creativity end. Instead, show some love to the outdoors and your garden as well, to completely round out this exciting project and ensure that you truly are left with the living space of your dreams.