What You Don’t Know About Aaron Ballmer, Steve Ballmer’s Son

Aaron Ballmer is one of the sons of Steve Ballmer, a recognized businessman from the United States who worked as a business manager at Microsoft. The business legend owned part of Microsoft, and he became the first business manager to get employed by Bill Gates, the CEO of Microsoft.

Steve Ballmer has been recognized by prominent magazines like Forbes for his increasing wealth from business ventures, getting listed among rich people. Because of Steve Ballmer’s fame in the business world, he has attracted his family’s attention, especially his sons.

Who is Aaron Ballmer?

Aaron Ballmer is one of the sons of the famous business legend Steve Ballmer. Although Steve Ballmer is a celebrity figure, he has kept information about his family a secret, explaining why there is limited information regarding his children and wife.

Aaron’s mother is called Connie Snyder, and she exchanged vows with Ballmer in 1990. Since then, the couple has enjoyed their time together and has three sons. Aaron and his brother’s exact birth year has not been shared, making it hard to tell the celebrity son’s age.

Who is Aaron Ballmer’s Father

Aaron’s father is called Steve Ballmer, and he is recognized for his role as the CEO of Microsoft and Gate’s one of the closest associates. Ballmer made a legacy for himself when he was ranked as the second person to become a billionaire in US dollars while an employee and not a founder or relative of a founder.

Bill gates selected him as a business manager, and he slowly grew in the ranks until he was the Microsoft SEO for two terms.

He showed great leadership skills as the CEO of Microsoft, enabling him to hold the position for two terms until he decided to step down. According to media reports, he stepped down as the CEO in 2013, which made him and the former CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates, grow apart.

Steve Ballmer’s Relationship with Bill Gates

Many people have recognized Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates’s relationship. They have been longtime buddies, and reports show that Ballmer was Gates’s best man during his wedding to Melinda Gates.

The two gentlemen were very close, and people described their relationship as a marriage. For years, they grew too close, such that many people noticed it when they started growing apart.

When Bill Gates stepped down as the CEO of Microsoft, he was glad that Ballmer stepped in as the CEO. However, the transition to authority came with challenges in their relationship, and tension grew between the two buddies.

Their relationship grew so bitter that, at one time, Gates walked out of Ballmer after shouting at each other. Ballmer was saddened by the event such that he indicated that he would not need Gates anymore after he walked out on him.

In 2014, after Ballmer left his position at Microsoft, a popular journal indicated that the two buddies were no longer speaking with each other. Ballmer’s resignation as the CEO affected their relationship, and it seems Gates wanted Ballmer to continue as the CEO.