Who is Angelou Kash Thompson’s Father?

Angelou Kash Thompson came into the limelight after an Instagram account alleged to belong to Maralee Nichols announced the child’s birth. Although the mother had filed a lawsuit wanting support from Tristan Thompson, she gave him the basketball player’s last name without waiting for a paternity test.

The Instagram account indicated that Maralee and the baby were okay, although the baby’s father did not want to share the happiness. If the paternity test was true that Angelou was Thompson’s child, it meant Thompson cheated on Khloe Kardashian during his 30th birthday celebration.

Maralee indicated that she was grateful to everyone who had embraced the child, and they were doing well, although the child’s father failed to embrace it. With the news of the birth of Angelou Kash, it meant that the basketball player was welcoming baby number three.

Who is Angelou Kash Thompson’s Father

Angelou Kash was born when his parents had paternity battles, and the mother did not wait for the results before naming the baby Thompson. Maralee Nichols filed a lawsuit for child support, and Tristan Thompson was waiting for the results before the baby was born.

According to Kash’s mother, Angelou’s father is Tristan Thompson, a famous basketball player who refused to accept responsibility without a paternity test. Maralee’s message on Instagram indicated it was not a one-night thing that resulted in Kash’s birth because it seemed they had been having an affair for some time.

Nichols indicated they started seeing each other the previous year before Kash was born, and because Thompson did not want to take responsibility, she was suing him for child support. At the time of Angelou Kash’s conception, Tristan Thompson was with Chloe Kardashian, indicating Thompson cheated on her.

More reports surfaced later on the internet that Thompson was trying to silence Maralee with $75,000. Maralee claimed that the player indicated he was planning to retire from his career, and if she refused to accept the money, it meant she would gain little in the end because he would be unemployed.

Tristan tried to state that their affair was one time, but Nichols’ report on Instagram indicated they had been together for some time. Nichols wanted Tristan to care for her baby and her medical bills during the pregnancy.

Who is Angelou Kash Thompson’s Mother

Angelou Kash Thompson’s mother is called Maralee Nichols. Maralee Nichols is a personal trainer, and she came into the limelight after she was alleged to have given birth to Tristan Thomspon’s baby.

The new mother posted that she was glad they shared love before she conceived her son but was disappointed when her baby daddy failed to show support. The personal trainer filed a lawsuit, asking for compensation for the medical bills during pregnancy.

Angelo’s mother was certain of her father’s child, and when the baby was born, she called him after Thompson without waiting for the paternity test.

Now, Angelou Kash is the third child of Tristan Thompson. Thompson has a child with Khloe Kardashian and another elder child.