Brooke Michelle Baldwin’s Net Worth, Career, and Family

Brooke Michelle Baldwin is a celebrity daughter of the American actor William Joseph Baldwin and his wife. The celebrity child is the lastborn in her family, and she has gained fame because of her parents. Her mother is a singer, and her father is a famous actor. She has always enjoyed the privilege of being a celebrity daughter.

Brooke Baldwin was born in New York City on December 6, 2004, and the family was more than excited to welcome the fifth member.

Brooke Baldwin’s Siblings

Brooke Baldwin is the lastborn in her family and is proud to have a sister and brother. Jameson Baldwin, born in 2000, is the eldest in the family. Brooke has another sibling Vance who was born one year after his elder sister Jameson.

Brooke’s Father

William Joseph Baldwin is an American actor and the father of Brooke Baldwin. William Joseph was born on February 21, 1963, in Massapequa, New York, and his career as an actor has made him a celebrity figure.

The actor is also a member of the Baldwin family and the second last Baldwin member of the four brothers. William Baldwin’s mother was Carol Newcomb, the founder of The Baldwin Fund. Moreover, his father was Rae Baldwin Jr, a history teacher in high school and football coach.

Brooke’s father came from a family of actors, and his three brothers, Alec, Daniel, and Stephen, collectively called the Balwin brothers are actors. Moreover, the actor has sisters, Beth and Jane, who all form the Baldwin family.

Brooke’s father joined Alfred G. Highschool, and after graduating, he went to Binghamton University, where he was a wrestler. He graduated with a degree in political science.

The Career of Brooke Michelle Baldwin’s Father

Before Brooke Baldwin’s father started acting, he was into modeling and modeled for Calvin Kelin. In 1989, he got his first starring role and featured in The Preppie murder. In the same year, he played a minor role as a US Marine in the Vietnam war in the film Born on the Fourth of July. In the same film, he acted with his two brothers, Daniel and Stephen.

Baldwin’s father’s career started shining when he featured in Silver (1993). From the film, he earned an MTV Movie Awar for the most Desirable Male, which made his fame in the industry to grow further.

Baldwin had a leading role in 2001 in the television film Double Bang. The gig opened bigger opportunities, and he held many major roles in the years that followed. Among the latest films, the actor featured was War of the Worlds, and the horror film Candyland premiered in 2022.

Who is Brooke Michelle’s Mother

Brooke Michelle’s mother is called Chyna Phillips from Wilson Philips, and she is a famous singer. The maternal grandparents of Brooke are John Philips, a musician, and Michelle Gilliam. Brooke’s parents met in the early 1990s, and in 1995, they walked down the aisle to exchange vows.

The happy family spends their tie in the family estates in Santa Barbara, California, and Bedford Corners, New York.