Was Jace Norman Supporting Trump?

Jace Norman, the American actor famous for his role as Henry Hart in the Nickelodeon Tv series Henry Danger, got criticism during Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s presidential election. The actor was a first-time voter, and he confidently indicated his support for Trump, which made many of his fans consider him a racist.

Jace Norman was born to Scott and Ileana Lee Norman on March 21, 2001, in Corrales, New Mexico, and he is a talented actor who has been featured in the Nickelodeon tv series for a long time.

The Career of Jace Norman

Jace Norman began acting in 2012 when he was featured in a professional role on the Disney channel. The actor’s role as Henry Hart got the attention of many producers and directors, and his brilliant performance made him win Men’s Favorite Tv star four consecutive times.

Norman landed his first acting role when he was twelve. In his first acting role, he played the role of Finch, and from the auditions, he got a guest starring role on The Jesse Disney show. Moreover, the actor starred in Thunderman’s You Stole My Thunderer as Flanca. Later in 2013, Norman signed Nick at the 2013 Nickelodeon talent show in Los Angeles.

While Norman was in an interview in 2018, he revealed that he wanted to enter the business world. The same year, he appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and shared his business ideas.

Jace Norman’s Family

Jace Norman is the youngest in the family and has an elder sister and brother. When he was eight years, his family relocated to California, where they were attending public schools. When the actor developed an interest in acting, he got the full support of his family, which made it easier to prosper in the industry.  

Jace’s sister, Gloria Norman, is the eldest sibling born on April 12, 1994, and is a graduate of Yale University. The other sibling of Jace is Xander, the second born, and he was a regular guest in Jace’s YouTube videos. But Xander stopped appearing in the videos after some time to focus on his education and solo projects.

When Jace Norman was in middle school, he disclosed that he was bullied for being dyslexic. This discouraged him from continuing his studies, and his love for acting grew even more. He was glad that he had made it in acting when he decided to forgo his studies for his career.

Who is Jace Norman’s Girlfriend?

Jace Norman is a handsome actor, and although he is young, he has dated famous actresses. The actor dated Riele West Downs, a Canadian actress, and they knew each other when she starred as Charlotte in the Nickelodeon Tv Series Henry Danger. The duo dated for a few months in 2015.

After Jace and Down’s breakup, the actor found a new love and started dating Jordyn Jones, a famous American singer and professional dancer. The duo also dated for less than five months, and in January 2016, they went their separate ways. Currently, Jace Norman seems to be single and focused on building his career as an actor.