Know about Barbara Ann Llewellyn 

Barbara Ann Llewellyn is an Australian author, publisher, editor, and actress.

Barbara Ann Llewellyn’s Family

Barbara’s father John was an actor and her mother owned and operated the top theatrical agency in Sydney. Barbara met Rod Kirkham on the set of ‘The Box’ and they started dating and later got married on 24th February 1978. Rod was born on 26 October 1955. He is an actor, known for The Box (1974), The Ernie Sigley Show (1974), and Caravan Holiday (1972). Barbara Llewellyn now lives in Queensland with her husband Rod Kirkham. They also reported having a child together, but the name remains unrevealed.

Barbara Ann Llewellyn’s Career

Barbara Llewellyn was born into show business. She has been working since her childhood. She was only five when she won the ‘Jack Davey Radio Show’ talent contest. Two years later she became an Australian icon by starring in the now famous ‘Aeroplane Jelly’ television commercial. She mimed the well-known Aeroplane Jelly jingle and was ever after identified as The Girl on the Swing.

Barbara began writing as a teenager, finding a great emotional release in creating poems, short stories, songs, and plays.  However, her first love, at the time, was acting, and bringing life to the words of others – she felt it enabled her to have a lifetime of insight into each different character she portrayed. Her childhood and early teenage years were filled with work in commercials, and documentaries. She has appeared in films such as ‘The Sundowners and theatre, including the original Sydney production of The Sound of Music. At the age of 17 she was accepted into NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts) and while there she performed in numerous stage productions and graduated with a Bachelor of Dramatic Art (Acting) in 1971. She starred in ‘Seven Little Australians’ and was a regular in ‘Class of ’74’ and ‘Class of ’75’, ‘Young Ramsay’, ‘Matlock Police’, ‘The Box’ and other classic Australian TV shows.

After her marriage, Barbara’s love of writing went into the professional creation and development of jingles for the advertising industry and theme songs for television. She became a secret star of the international hit ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’ when she provided the voice of schoolgirl, Edith, played by Christine Schuller. A role kept secret for over 30 years, she also provided the voice for other schoolgirls in the movie, background chatter and poetry recitations heard in the movie. She writes songs with a special focus, as of now on children’s lullabies.

Barbara Ann Llewellyn’s Net Worth

The actual net worth of Barbara Ann Llewellyn is not known. Barbara and Rod began their web presence and built their present website, Bright Light Multimedia, in 2004, giving themselves a global presence for their growing library of products. They also created an online creative community, The Bright Light Café, that encouraged and nurtured the best of emerging talents to focus on all things positive and uplifting She has also written a novel about life after death titled ‘Letters to Michael,’ which is the first in her series on that subject.