Chloe Savattere, Personal Life and Net Worth

Almost everyone’s birth is celebrated with joy and happiness but the case was not the same with the birth of Chloe Savattere because she is the secret daughter of American farmer football quarterback Dan Marino.

Today, we will tell you never-told details about the secret daughter of Dan Marino, Chloe Savattere such as her personal life, parents, siblings, education, work, net worth, and all other details.

Personal life

In June 2005, American footballer Dan Marino had a baby girl with his secret love lady, Donna Savattere, who was a CBS production assistant at that time. This girl was no one but Chloe Savattere. Other than her birth year, no more information is available about her birth details. Today, Chloe Savattere is 17 years old. Given the fact, the young teenager might be dating someone. However, she prefers to keep the news to herself only.

Parents and siblings

Chloe Savattere is the only child of Dan Marino and Donna Savattere. Her parents never got married. Chloe Savattere was born just out of a casual relationship. In fact, the father of Chloe Savattere wanted to keep this thing away from the public, and for this, he has paid million dollars to the mother of Chloe Savattere. However, his intention failed and the Identity of Chloe Savattere got exposed to the world.

As for the profession of her parents, you already know that her father is a prominent American footballer, while the profession of her mother is not known. As for the siblings of Chloe Savattere, she does not have any siblings. Yeah, she has step-siblings and their names are Michael Joseph Marino, Niki Lin Marino, Daniel Charles Marino, Lia Marino, Joseph Donald Marino, and Alexandra Claire Marino.


Chloe Savattere probably does not have any kids as of now because there is no such information on the internet.

Education and profession

With the fact that the early life of Chloe Savattere has been kept a secret purposely, there is no information available on her educational background. Considering her age, we can say that Chloe Savattere might have completed her schooling and would be looking forward to enrolling at a university for graduation. If you talk about the profession of Chloe Savattere, she seems to focus on her studies right now.

Reason for the popularity of Chloe Savattere

This is a no-brainer that the main reason for the popularity of Chloe Savattere is her father, who is a famous celebrity and has achieved great success in his sport.

Net worth of Chloe Savattere

With the fact that Chloe Savattere is probably not active in any profession right now, she does not hold any net worth. Since the mother of Chloe Savattere has been paid in millions  by the father of Chloe Savattere, she always enjoys a luxurious lifestyle.


Since Chloe Savattere has never made any public appearances with her father or her step-siblings, she doesn’t seem to be much interested in remaining in the headlines of the media for personal or professional reasons.