Star Kid Life Of Copeland Cruz Tedder

Whether the star kids prefer it or not but they catch the eyes of the audience. This is because the audiences are always curious to know what all their activities are. Copeland Cruz Tedder is one of them. He is known to people around the globe as the son of the famous personality from the musical industry named Ryan Tedder. However, his father has acted as a catalyst because of which he has gained such prominence.

The article is formulated to transmit information about Copeland Cruz Tedder. Additionally, a few segments will also be added about his father to reinforce his individuality.

Early Life And Family

Copeland Cruz Tedder was born on 2nd August 2010, in Colorado, USA. He is the elder son of Ryan Tedder and Genevieve Tedder. Moreover, he also has a younger brother named Miles Tedder, who was born in September 2014.

Despite being the son of such a well-known personality nothing more can be gathered about him. However, none of his parents likes to have any kind of discussions about their son’s strategies to be successful in life.

Copeland’s Father And His Net Worth

Ryan Tedder is a singer and songwriter from America. He was born on 26th June 1979 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S. At the age of three, he started learning piano which assisted him in enhancing his taste and enthusiasm for music.

At a very young age, he participated in a singer-songwriter competition which was his first step toward his dream. In that competition, he confronted the world as one of the finalists of the show. Along with this he also gained the opportunity to perform in front of millions of people.

However, Ryan won that competition and started his career as a notable songwriter. He worked as the songwriter of numerous albums by notable musicians.

After contributing so much to others’ albums, in 2019 Ryan put forward his first debut single named “Right Where I’m Supposed to Be”. However, this song came up as the official one of the 2019 Summer Olympics World Summer Games. In the same year, he also became the mentor of the songwriting competition named Songland with Shane McAnally and Ester Dean.

Ryan Tedder has won almost eleven nominations in the Grammy Awards out of which he has won three of them. Along with that, he has also gained nominations for one Golden Globe Award.

Ryan Tedder has also explored his musical career after being a part of several television reality shows. Such shows include Smallville, The Voice, That’s My Jam, School of Rock, Platinum Hit, Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin, etc.

Ryan Tedder has a net worth of 145 million dollars.

Copeland Cruz Tedder’s Net Worth

He is a 12 years old boy and undoubtedly he is dependent upon his parents at every moment of his life, even financially. So it’s quite unethical as well as inappropriate to comment on anything about his net worth.


Hopefully, the above-illustrated segments are enough to establish who Copeland Cruz Tedder is. In the end, everyone hopes that he will also ascend to the peak of popularity and prosperity in his genre and will make his parents proud. To know much about such identities keep scrolling through this website.