Danielle Vangar, Personal Life and Net Worth

Danielle Vangar came into the spotlight because of being the wife of American mobster, Carmine Agnello. Danielle Vangar herself maintains a low profile and does not make many public appearances. However, today we tried to find out some of the life details of Danielle Vangar.

Read the article further if you are interested to know the early life, parents, siblings, education, profession, net worth, and all other things about Danielle Vangar.

Personal life

With the fact that Danielle Vangar is a private kind of person and has not disclosed many details regarding her personal life, her exact date of birth as well as birthplace is not known. The only known thing about her childhood is the names of her parents, Mourad Topalian and Arpi Topalian. Also, Danielle Vangar holds American nationality.

Moving on to the love life of Danielle Vangar, she got married to Carmine Agnello in 2009. She met him when she used to visit her father in the prison. The couple is probably together even today. By profession, her husband was a businessman and owned a business of towed junk cars in Ohio in the past.

Parents and siblings

Danielle Vangar is the only child of her parents Mourad Topalian and Arpi Topalian. No information is available about the personal lives of her parents. As for their professional front, her father is a popular political activist and was also the chairman of the Armenian National Committee of America. On the other hand, the profession of Danielle Vangar’s mother is not known.

Since Danielle Vangar is the only child of her parents, she does not have any siblings.


Danielle Vangar got married to Carmine Agnello in 2009 and the same year she was blessed with a lovely son. Neither the name nor other information about the personal life of her son is available.

Education and profession

Well, the educational background of Danielle Vangar is secret to the public. With the fact that she belongs to a prestigious family and her father was in a good profession, we assume that Danielle Vangar must have received a good education in her life. The same we expect for the profession of Danielle Vangar too. However, Danielle Vangar herself has not made her profession public.

Reason for the popularity of Danielle Vangar 

Danielle Vangar mainly grabs the attention of people because of the notoriety of her husband, Carmine Agnello. She herself has no good or bad reasons for her popularity.

Net worth of Danielle Vangar 

Considering the fact that Danielle Vangar’s profession is a mystery, her net worth can’t be estimated either. We can only make an assumption keeping the lifestyle of Danielle Vangar in mind that indicates that she has a good amount of money in her life and is fortunate enough to enjoy an opulent life.


Danielle Vangar has not disclosed much details regarding herself and this is the reason that only a handful of information is available about her. Probably, she is not interested in enjoying unwanted media or public attention.