Debra Denise Winans, Personal Life and Net Worth

Well-known for being the ex-wife of remarkable singer Bebe Winans, Debra Denise Winans is a famous personality from America. She actually came into prominence after marrying Bebe. After a few years of her marriage, she again came into the headlines and this time too the reason was Bebe. But why? Curious to know?

Well, read on further to know all about Debra Denise Winans and her personal as well as professional life.

Personal info:

Since Debra Denise Winans became popular after marrying Bebe, there is not much information available about her birth and childhood. However, looking at her, we can say she is above 50 today. Speaking of her personal life, the gorgeous lady married her long-time beau Bebe Winans in 1987. The couple remained together for a long time till 2003 when things went upside down and they decided to part ways. Their divorce garnered huge attention and caused some legal issues for both of them.

Parents & siblings:

As you already know, there is hardly any information available about the childhood of Debra Denise Winans, we don’t know the names of her parents as well as siblings. The gorgeous lady has never talked about it either.


Debra Denise Winans is a mother of 2 lovely kids, 1 daughter and 1 son. She has both kids from her ex-husband, Bebe. The names of her kids are Miya and Benjamin. Their birth year is not known. However, they both seem to be teenagers right now.

Education and profession:

The wife of singing-sensation Bebe loves to keep her personal life private. Given the fact, she has never talked about her education as well as her profession. She must have received her education from some renowned institutes, but it is not known to the public. The same goes for her profession. She doesn’t like her professional life to be much highlighted in the media.

Reason for popularity of Debra Denise Winans:

The sole reason for Debra Denise Winans’s popularity is her ex-husband, Bebe, who is a big name in the music industry. Debra garnered quick fame when she tied the knot with Bebe. However, she was yet to reach the peak of popularity, which actually came when the couple divorced. Their divorce took a nasty turn and grabbed  huge attention. Debra even accused Bebe of pushing her to the floor in front of their little kids.

Net worth of Debra Denise Winans:

Well, coming directly to the point, the exact net worth of Debra Denise Winans is not known, as she never talks about her personal life. However, considering her lifestyle, we are sure of one thing that she earns a really good amount of money and leads a life of her own choice.


Domestic violence is probably the shittiest thing one can experience. Debra Denise Winans is a strong lady, who has gone through a lot in her life but managed to sail her boat effectively. Kudos to the gorgeous woman and we love to see her the way she is.