Victoria Mayer Camil, Personal Life and Net Worth

Victoria Mayer Camil is the youngest member of the Mayer family. She is the daughter of Sergio Mayer who is also known as Sergio Mayer Breton Izturiz Pinilla (father), a Mexican producer, actor, and politician, and Issabela Camil (mother) famous actress in the Maxican television industry.

Personal Life

Victoria Mayer Camil is currently 11 years in age and is the youngest daughter of the Mayer family. Victoria Mayer Camil was born in 2011 and her nationality is Mexican. She has different social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She is quite popular on social media as she has around 16.7 K followers on Instagram. She is currently too small to have any sort of love life, so information regarding that is not available to any sort of media or on the internet.

Parents and siblings

Sergio Mayer Breton Izturiz Pinilla (commonly Sergio Mayer) is the father of Victoria Mayer Camil. Sergio was born on 21 May 1966. He has been an actor, singer, producer, and politician in his career. His nationality is Mexican. He is currently a federal deputy in the LXIV Legislature of the Mexican Congress. He has completed his business administration from Universidad Iberoamericana. As a dancer, he has participated in Heraldo awards.

As an actor, he has worked in different TV shows like La Edad de Oro and Papá Soltero. Isabella Camil (Erika Ellice Sotres Starr) is the mother of Victoria Mayer Camil. Her nationality is Mexican. She was born on 6 February 1969, in Mexico City. Occupationally she is a Model, Television actress, and singer. She is very familiar with the Spanish language as her Spoken, written, and signing language is Spanish.


Victoria Mayer Camil is just 11 years old and herself is a kid so information regarding her children is not possible to available.

Education and Profession

Victoria Mayer Camil live a private life since she is a very small in age so information regarding her Education is not currently available to any sort of media or on the internet also information regarding her profession is yet to be obtained.

Reason for Popularity

Victoria Mayer Camil is popular due to her parents, her parents are quite popular (especially in Mexico) and are public figures. Victoria’s father Sergio Mayer is a popular Mexican singer, actor, and current politician. He has worked as an acting tutor for Rita Macedo and Sergio Jiménez. He was the creator of CEFAC and has worked as a producer and director in many programs on TV Azteca. The main reason for his popularity was the show ‘Solo Para Mujeres” which was a male stripping show “Only for Women”. Another reason for Victoria’s popularity is her mother Isabella Camil, Isabella is a television actress, singer, and Model, quite popular in Mexico.

Net Worth

Since any information regarding Victoria Mayer Camil’s education and profession is not available on the internet, information regarding her net worth is also not available in any sort of media and website.


Victoria Mayer Camil is a celebrity child who is quite popular among the fans since she has many followers on her different social media handles and likes to share her activities on social media as she has posted around 390 pictures on Instagram.