Princeton Harris Hamilton, Personal Info and Net Worth

Princeton Harris Hamilton is the son of a renowned singer, Anthony Hamilton. His mother, Tarsha McMillan is also a talented and well-known singer.

Read further to know more about Princeton Harris Hamilton’s personal life, parents, siblings, education, children, net worth, and many more.

Personal Information

Princeton Harris Hamilton was born on June 4, 2012. Currently, he is 10 years old. He is the third son of Anthony and Tarsha as a couple. When Princeton was born, he weighed 8lbs. There is no more information about his personal life available publicly.

Parents and Siblings

Anthony Cornelius Hamilton and Tarsha McMillan are the parents of Princeton Harris Hamilton. Anthony and Tarsha exchanged vows in 2005. Trasha was his background singer and since 2003 they both have been dating. Tarsha gave birth to twins, Aaron Anthony and Nolan Michael in 2010. After two years the couple announced the news about their other son being born in 2012, Princeton Harris Hamilton. However, their marriage life came to an end once they announced their divorce on June 20, 2015.

Other than Aaron and Nolan, Princeton has 3 more brothers, Anthony Jr. (1989), Romeiro (1991), and Tristen (1997). They are Anthony’s sons from his past relationship.


Princeton Harris Hamilton is a 10 years old boy. There is no information about his relationship status. However, we can assume that neither he has children nor is he dating anyone.

Education and Profession

There is no information made available to the public yet about Princeton Harris Hamilton’s education and profession. We can assume that Anthony and Tarsha are providing the young boy with all the learning experience.

Reasons for Princeton Harris Hamilton’s Popularity

Princeton Harris Hamilton is famous due to his parents. Anthony and Tarsha, both are renowned musicians. Anthony is a songwriter, singer, and record producer in Charlotte, North Carolina. In 1999 he co-wrote the song “U Know What’s Up” which was a hit. Then he went on a tour as a backup singer to promote his Voodoo album in 2000. He made his best-ever debut in 2016 with his ninth studio album, What I’m Feelin’. It became number two on the Billboard R&B only after one week. He has also won Grammy Award, BET Award, and Best Original Song Award at the Nashville Film Festival. Tarsha McMillan is also a songwriter, singer, and record producer. She has been described to have a marvelous voice but she is not as famous and influential as her ex-husband, Anthony Hamilton.

Net Worth

The net worth of Princeton Harris Hamilton can not be estimated as there is no information available on the internet. However, his father, Anthony Hamilton has a net worth of $8 million due to such a successful music career. So we can assume that Princeton and his brother enjoy a luxurious life.


Even though Princeton Harris Hamilton’s parents are divorced, a pact of co-parent was made by both of them. We can see Anthony and Tarsha posting photos and videos with their sons on social media platforms.