Jean Carol Hertzler, Personal Life and Net Worth

The only reason you may have heard of Jean Carol Hertzler is because of her American daughter, social media sensation, and YouTuber Liza Koshy. She has since become the focus of media attention.

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Personal life:

In the united states, jean carol Hertzler was born. She has german ancestry, though. Additionally, she was born on December 6, 1958. She is now 63 years old.Her horoscope indicates that she is a Saggitarius. Jean carol hertlzer also known by the name Jean Koshy. Olivia, Rachel, and Liza, three girls born into her 34-year marriage to Jose Koshy, are their blessings (who is an actress, television host, comedian, and You Tuber). Jean Carol and Jose have been wed for more than three decades. They are located in Houston, Texas, the home of the YouTube celebrity.

Parents and siblings:

Her family is much more behind the spotlight than Liza’s. Even on her family’s social media profiles, you can’t even find much information.

Education and profession:

She maintains a very strict level of privacy in her personal life.Hence, there is no information available about her education. When it comes to the profession, jean works as a yoga instructor. She enjoys watching her daughter’s channel a lot. She occasionally becomes so excited about it that she offers suggestions for the upcoming videos. Even though Liza’s parents give her a lot of support, they never appear in videos or on social media since they are quite classic.

Reason for Jean Carol Hertzler’s popularity:

Needless to say, the main reason for the popularity of Jean Carol Hertzler is her actor daughter who is well known for her acting.She doesn’t frequently post on social media because she is a private person. Her support for her kids, though, remains constant. Videos of Liza indicate that her parents raised her with stern discipline and disapproved her choices, such as getting numerous tattoos.When Jean went to the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards with her daughter Liza, it was just one instance of how supportive she has always been of her kids. Moreover, she once accompanied Jean Koshy, her mother, to a red-carpet event in Los Angeles.It has also been said that, despite their differences with their daughter, they are very proud of Liza’s accomplishments.

Net worth of Jean Carol Hertzler:

The wealth of Jean Carol and Jose Koshy is still a mystery. Liza Koshy’s net worth, however, is thought to be around $6 million.


Her parents made a cute video expressing their delight at seeing the celebrity reach 4 million YouTube subscribers when the milestone was reached and it was a great success. Even though they no longer reside in the same location, they are the same proud and loving parents. We are incredibly grateful to her parents for raising such a hilarious child.