Dilan Zeytun West, who is She?

Dilan Zeytun West is the daughter of the famous philosopher and political activist Cornel West. Besides Cornel West being a political activist, he is a social critic, author, and public intellectual from the United States.

Dilan Zeytun is one of the two children of the famous philosopher, and he indicated he got her out of a love relationship with a Kadarshian lady. Dilan Zeytun was born on November 11, 2000, and he is one of the children that Cornel publicly indicated he supports and visits frequently.

Who Is Dilan Zeytun West’s Mother

Dilan Zeytun’s father has been married five times, but from all the relationships, he had two children. In 1977, Cornel West wed Hilda Hollman as his first wife. The marriage did not last long because they later divorced. The couple got a son out of the marriage.

In 1981, Dilan’s father married his second wife, Ramona Santiago, who he divorced in 1986. The couple did not have children when they were getting divorced. After the second marriage failed, Cornel met Elleni Gebre Amlak, who he wed in 1992. The marriage ended ultimately, but West continued to find love.

He had a romantic relationship with a Kardashian woman, who bore him a daughter Dilan Zeytun in 2000. The two were never married, but Cornel Wet has been a father to his daughter, ensuring she gets the support she needs.

When West was in an interview, he revealed that he talks to his daughter every day and visits her every six weeks. Dilan is the only child under her father’s care, as her half-brother is old enough to provide for himself.

In 2021, Cornel West exchanged vows with Annahita Mahdavi, and he has lived with her since then. However, sources indicate that Cornel lives a lonely life.

Dilan Zeytun West’s Father

Dilan Zeytun West’s father was born on June 2, 1953, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Cornel’s father was called Clifton Louis Jr, and he previously worked as a contractor in the Department of Defense. West’s mother was a teacher in elementary school but later received an administrative role.

West went to John F Kennedy High school and led several civil rights demonstrations. After high school, Cornel joined Harvard college and did philosophical subjects. He graduated after three years with a degree in Near Eastern languages and civilization.

Cornel West was the first African American to get a Ph.D. from Princeton. After his studies, he returned to Harvard, where he was an Assistant professor at Union Theologica Seminary. He went to Princeton to become a professor before he came t Harvard and became a professor.

Cornel was allowed to teach several subjects and started writing and publishing books. He published more than twenty books which led to his American book Award. The popularity of Cornel West enabled him to get involved in the entertainment industry, where he was featured in the matrix Reloaded.

Moreover, Dilan’s father made appearances in several documentary films, enabling him to grow his net worth. West was a popular political analyst who supported Barrack Obama in his 2008 presidential bid but criticized him greatly.