Djulian Bryant Hall, Personal Life and Net Worth

Djulian Bryant Hall has been getting a lot of popularity and love from people since his childhood because he is a celebrity kid. Best known for being the son of American TV actor Pooch Hall, Djulian Bryant Hall is a little toddler today.

If you are interested to know more about Djulian Bryant Hall, here dig deeper into details like childhood, parents, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, siblings, and all other details about Djulian Bryant Hall.

Personal life

Djulian Bryant Hall was born in December 2015 as the son of Pooch Hall and Linda Hall. The exact birthplace and birth date of Djulian Bryant Hall are not confirmed.

With the fact that he is 7 years old right now, you obviously can’t expect him to be involved in a romantic relationship. At the moment, he is just enjoying his childhood days at the best with his siblings.

Parents and siblings

Djulian Bryant Hall is one of four kids of Pooch Hall and Linda Hall, who have already celebrated 25 years of their marital bliss. The couple got married in 1997 and, since then, they have been together and enjoying their wonderful time with four kids. The names of the siblings of Djulian Bryant Hall are Djaeda Hall, Djanai Hall, and Djordan Hall.

If you talk about their professions, the father of Djulian Bryant Hall is a renowned American actor who is mainly active in the TV industry. As for his mother, there is not at all any information available about the profession of his mother.


Djulian Bryant Hall himself is a little child of 7 years. Given the fact, he obviously does not have any kids at the moment.

Education and profession

The educational background of Djulian Bryant Hall has not been disclosed to the public. This is why you will hardly find any information related to this. With the fact that Djulian Bryant Hall is 7 years old, you can assume that he must have started going to this school.

If you want to talk about the profession of Djulian Bryant Hall, he is obviously too young to get involved in any profession right now.

Reason for the popularity of Djulian Bryant Hall

This goes without saying that the main reason for the popularity of Djulian Bryant Hall is his father, Pooch Hall, who has achieved success in Hollywood through his own effort and established himself as a successful actor.

Net worth of Djulian Bryant Hall

Well, obviously, a 7-year-old little boy can’t have any net worth and the same goes for the Djulian Bryant Hall too. As of now, he does not have any net worth.

If you wonder then what is the reason for his luxurious life, it is his father, Pooch Hall, who has an estimated net worth of around 3.5 million right now.


Djulian Bryant Hall is the son of a celebrity father and this thing will definitely be a plus point in his professional career. However, Djulian Bryant Hall is just a little kid today and there is a long way to go for him to start a professional career.