Erma Jean Johnson Trammel, Personal Life and Net Worth

Erma Jean Johnson Trammel is a celebrity mother from America, best known for being the mother of American film and television actress, Kimberly Elise. You already must know a lot about her actress daughter, so today let us tell you something about Erma Jean Johnson Trammel.

Here, we will discuss the early life, parents, siblings, education, age, work, net worth, earnings, love life, children, and all other details of Erma Jean Johnson Trammel.

Personal life

With the fact that Erma Jean Johnson Trammel garnered public attention only because of her daughter, there is not at all any information available about her early life.  From the names of the parents to her date of birth and age to the birth of the place, nothing is known about her.

If you talk about the love life of Erma Jean Johnson Trammel, she is the beloved wife of Marvin Trammel, who used to run an executive search firm. When Erma Jean Johnson Trammel got married and whether or not she was together with her husband today is not confirmed.

Parents and siblings

To cut a long story short, no information is available on the parents and siblings of Erma Jean Johnson Trammel. Despite gaining popularity, Erma Jean Johnson Trammel never bothered to talk about her family background.


The married life of Erma Jean Johnson Trammel is a successful one and she had four kids. However, there is information available about only one of her children and she is Kimberly Elise, a famous American actress.

Education and profession

Like many other life details of Erma Jean Johnson Trammel, nothing confirmed is available about her education of Erma Jean Johnson Trammel either.

However, we are pretty sure that Erma Jean Johnson Trammel received a great education in her life because she is an elementary school teacher by profession. Obviously, you can’t teach others if you yourself don’t have enough knowledge.

Reason for the popularity of Erma Jean Johnson Trammel

Hands down, it is the daughter of Erma Jean Johnson Trammel who makes her popular despite the fact that she has not done anything significant in her life.

Her daughter, Kimberly Elise, is today a renowned American actress and this is the reason that her family members are famous because of her.

Net worth of Erma Jean Johnson Trammel

Considering the fact that Erma Jean Johnson Trammel was a school teacher by profession, it can be estimated that she has definitely earned money in her life, though not a huge amount.

Nevertheless, she got to enjoy huge luxuries in her life. All thanks to her daughter, Kimberly Elise, who holds an estimated net worth of around 2 million as of 2023. All this money came for her through her acting career.


It’s only Erma Jean Johnson Trammel behind such a massive success of her daughter because she made her strong enough to do big things in her life and make a name in the world. No doubt Erma Jean Johnson Trammel did her job very well as a mother.