Fiona Rolla- Details on Her Family and Education Background.

Fiona Rolla is the daughter of Elizabeth Pena. Pena was an American actress, musician, and writer. Her father is Hans Rolla, a carpenter, and she has one sibling, Kaelan Rolla. Her parents were married from 1994 to 2014, upon her mother’s death.

Regarding her education, not much is known; hence her educational qualifications are unknown, as well as the institutions she attended. She has also kept a low-key on her personal life; it is unclear if she is married or has any kids.

Career and Net Worth

Given that so little about Fiona is known, they are no details on what she does to earn a living, and so are details on her net worth, which is unknown, but her mother, who achieved great success in the entertainment industry, made a good fortune. Elizabeth had a net worth of 1 million dollars when she died in 2014.

Her Mother

Elizabeth Pena followed in her parent’s footsteps; her father was a director, actor, and designer, while her mother was a theatrical producer. She went to New York High School of Performing Arts, where she studied with Ving Rhames and Esai Morales.

Two years after graduating from high school, Fiona’s mother started her acting career, making her debut in the comedy film El Super. Elizabeth was featured as Liz Garcia in Crossover Dreams. The other films and television shows in which Pena featured include; Hill Street Blues, Tough Cookies, I Married Dora, Dream On, Dead Funny, Roommates, and The Outer Limits, among others.

Moving to her personal life, Fiona Rolla’s mother first married William Stephan Kibler in 1988, but they divorced some years later. She then married Hans Rolla in 1994, and they were blessed with two children; Fiona Rolla and Kaelan Rolla. The couple was together until 2014 when Fiona’s mother died; they were together for 20 years.

Nothing much is known about Hans Rolla if he remarried after the death of Fiona’s mother. Maybe he did, given he was left with two teenage kids he had to take care of. In Fiona’s mother’s acting career, she won four Alma Awards.

Her Mother’s Death

Fiona’s mother died at the peak of her acting career. She was suffering from liver cirrhosis due to alcoholism. Her condition worsened shortly before her death. According to the death certificate signed by a private doctor, Pena died of liver cirrhosis. The other causes of her death were cardiopulmonary arrest, acute gastrointestinal bleeding, and cardiogenic shock.

Elizabeth Pena died on October 16, 2014, aged 55, at the Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. Movie stars from Modern Family shared their messages of condolences on social media platforms, including; Sofia Vergara, Eva Longoria Baston, and Steve Levitan, among others.

Social Media

Fiona Rolla is not active on social media platforms though her brother Kaelan Rolla is active on Instagram, where he has 651 followers, followers, slightly over 600 users, and has posted 73 times. Kaelan mostly posts pictures of himself, but in October 2014, he posted a heartwarming message regarding his mother’s loss, saying he will miss her guidance for the rest of his life.