Meet Kaili Gordon, the Lovely Daughter of Kiowa Gordon

Kaili Gordon is the beautiful daughter of actor Kiowa Gordon. Kaili was born on August 8, 2013, and she has made his father proud since birth. There are no records of Kaili Gordon’s mother making her father a single father, but Kiowa has received the responsibilities with happiness.

Kiowa Gordon loves his daughter, and since he was born, he has never stopped posting her pictures on his Instagram page. Kaili and her father seem to have a strong relationship, and during her seventh birthday, her father shared a sweet message indicating she was the reason he worked hard. Kaili’s father expressed his happiness for being blessed with her, and she looks forward to sharing great moments with her.

Who is Kaili Gordon’s Father

Kiowa Gordon is Kaili’s father, an American actor who was also a singer before he focused on growing his acting career. Kiowa was born on March 25, 1990, to Thomas Gordon and Camille Nighthorse in Berlin, Germany.

Kaili’s father went to Cactus Shadows High School in Cave Creek, Arizona. He grew up in a family of eight children, and he was the seventh child. His mother was also an actress, which gave Kaili’s father the desire to pursue an acting career.

Before Kaili Gordon’s father became an actor, he was a member of Touche, a progressive metal band. Kiowa left the band and decided to focus on being a professional actor.

Kiowa Gordon’s Career

Kiowa’s father debuted in acting in 2009 when he featured in The Twilight Saga as Embry Call. He attended an open casting of the film and landed the role of Jacob Black’s friend, starting his acting career.

Kiowa did not stop acting, and in the following years, he got many roles appearing in films like into the Darkness 2011, murder for Dummies, The Lesser Blessed, Monsoon, and Bomb City, among many others.

Kiowa started acting at nineteen years, and he expressed he was not sure he would make it as an actor, but thankfully he has continued to grow himself. In one of Kiowa’s Instagram posts, he thanked his fans for believing in him.

Is Kaili Gordon’s Father Married?

Kaili Gordon’s father is not currently married, and it is uncertain if the actor has a girlfriend because he has never publicly shared information regarding who he is dating. It seems Kiowa is sensitive regarding his details, explaining why his daughter’s mother is unknown to the public.

Kiowa’s daughter is eight years as of 2022, and he is a proud single parent who has ensured his daughter gets the best life. Kiowa once wished his daughter a happy birthday and indicated she was the reason he would wake up every day to work hard.

Controversies Regarding Kiowa Gordon

Although Kiowa is a preserved actor, he was in a controversy when the police arrested him for drug allegations. The police realized in 2010 there was a standing warranty against the actor for drug possession, and he had to pay a large amount as a bond.