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StellaNonna is a health and wellness-focused online community that aims to educate and inform its audience on various topics related to health and wellness. From physical therapy to nutrition, the blog covers a wide range of specialties and conditions to provide its audience with valuable information and resources. By featuring guest posts from subject matter experts, StellaNonna is able to provide in-depth and informative content on health, wellness, fitness, and beauty topics. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to improve your overall health or want to learn more about a specific condition, StellaNonna is the place to be.

Guest Post Requirements:

To ensure the best quality content for the audience visiting StellaNonna, we have a few requirements for guest posts.

  • Blog posts must be at least 1000+ words and of high quality
  • All facts stated should be backed up with real world data and examples
  • Include links to at least one relevant source to support your article
  • The article should have at least 2 links pointing back to different StellaNonna blog posts
  • Submit an author bio, no longer than 300 characters, along with a headshot image in .png or .jpg format (300px width and 300px length). Bios without an image or byline will not be published.
  • Share the article on your social media platforms after it is published
  • Please note: No affiliate or spammy links will be accepted within the article and all content must be unique and not violate any copyright laws

Topics and Guidelines:

StellaNonna focuses on health, wellness, fitness, and beauty topics. This can include different specialties like Acupuncture, Pediatrics, Physical Therapy, Nutrition, or different conditions like back pain, sinus issues, GI concerns, and general health industry and corporate wellness information. If you have an idea, feel free to prepare an outline and we’ll let you know if it’s a good fit.

Preferred topics include “How-to” posts, tips that people can do at home or at work, and case studies

However, you’re free to submit any idea and we’ll review it

Please review the existing blog to get a feel for the style, tone, and level of informativeness.

Send us 2-3 topic ideas and we’ll let you know which one we would like you to write about. To do so, simply send an email to and we will respond as soon as we can.