Is Jennifer Fugenzi Married?

Jennifer Fugenzi is a celebrity who has amassed a huge Instagram following for being the wife of Cosculluela, a Puerto Rico singer and songwriter. The celebrity wife came into the limelight in 2015 when they officiated their wedding by exchanging vows, becoming husband and wife.

Jennifer Fugenzi has gained more than 1 million Instagram followers and has remained active in entertaining her fans. The growing celebrity is a mother of three children, and her eldest daughter was given her husband’s last name, although she got her from her previous relationship.

Short Bio of Jennifer Fugenzi

Jennifer Fugenzi was born on November 6, 1988, although her place of birth has not been revealed to the public. Jennifer’s husband was born in 1980, and despite the couple having a huge age gap of eight years, they have remained dedicated to their marriage.

In 2007, Jennifer gave birth to her first daughter Mia Amelia from her first relationship. After Jennifer met Cosculluela, they started to know each and became a family in 2015. As a result of their union, Cosculluela gave Jennifer’s daughter his last name, according to a lawyer’s recommendation.

Jeniffer became a mother a second time in 2019 when she welcomed a son named Paolo Jose Cosculluela Fugenzi. The son was the eldest of the couple, and they welcomed another child in 2020 and named him Pedro Jose.

Jennifer is a happy mother of three children, although rumors indicate that she separated and divorced her husband.

Is Jennifer Fugenzi Married?

Jennifer Fugenzi became a celebrity when she married the Puerto Rican singer Cosculluela. Jennifer has continued to use the singer’s surname, which has made many fans wonder if the couple is still in a relationship.

Reports surfaced in the media that the couple separated and was divorced successfully, but the famous figure is yet to come to the limelight and explain her reasons for divorcing the singer. Jennifer and her ex-husband knew each other before they exchanged vows, but it seems their relationship had a sad ending.

Who is Jennifer Fugenzi’s Ex-Husband?

Cosculluela is Jennifer’s ex-husband, a famous singer who started his singing career at sixteen. His brother and friend helped him distribute his songs, which made him start growing his music career.

Jennifer’s husband was recognized by D. Vuddha, a reggaeton producer, who helped nurture his talent. In 2004, the singer got national recognition for his work and was awarded the national title Ete E M Momento. Because of the national recognition, he was forced by Invasion Music to sign with the label owned by Esho.

Jennifer’s ex-husband gained international recognition when he released his second album. With global recognition, he could partner with recognized artists, spreading his fame far and wide.

Cosculluela signed with a different label in 2007, and it helped the singer to release an album in 2009. The album became a huge success becoming top three on the Billboard Top Latin albums chart and number eight on the Billboard Rar Albums chart.