Who is Stephanie Floyd-Johnson’s Husband, Guy Johnson

Guy Johnson is a famous figure that came into the limelight because of his mother’s fame. Guy Johnson’s mother, Maya Angelou, was a prominent American writer, poet, and civil rights activist who became the first lady to recite a poem before US president Bill Clinton.

Guy Johnson married Stephanie Floyd, although the year of their union has never been revealed. Despite Guy Johnson coming from a popular family, he kept his family’s details from the public eye.

Records indicate the celebrity son married Stephanie and had children together, but little information about his family has been revealed to the public.

Why is Guy Johnson Famous

Guy Johnson is the only son of the late famous activist and poet Maya Angelou. Maya Angelou underwent serious problems growing up and was accused of being a lesbian in high school.

To prove to people she was not lesbian, she dated a man and became pregnant for him. One month after Maya graduated, she had her son Guy Johnson. Guy Johnson grew up with a single parent, and his mother had to work odd jobs to ensure all ends meet.

Guy Jonhson had an accident when he was seventeen. The accident affected him, and although his mother ensured he got the best medical attention, the accident led to other complications later in his life.

Two decades after the accident happened, he had a spinal infection. As a result, he had to rely on his family for almost everything because of health complications.

Was Guy Johnson Married?

Guy Johnson married Stephanie Floyd. The lady, who is believed to be in her seventies, is not popular, and she came into the picture because of her husband. Stephanie is believed to have been born in the United States, but no records confirm if that is the case.

Guy Johnson had a successful marriage with Stephanie and had two children, Colin Ashanti Murphy and Elliot Jones Johnson.

Who is Guy Johnson’s Mother

Maya Angelou was the mother of Guy Johnson. Maya came into the limelight for her talent in writing poems that won several awards and got international recognition as one of the best writers in history.

Most of her writing was considered fictional, but others have revealed that some were about her experiences growing up. In one of her writings, she revealed she got pregnant because she wanted to prove her friends she was not lesbian.

After giving birth to her son, she revealed to her mother that she never loved the father of her baby, nor did he love her. As a result, she ended the marriage and decided to take care of her child.

Maya moved out of her mother’s house at seventeen and had the landlady take care of her baby as she did odd jobs to provide for herself and her son. She met a man who loved gambling, and the man lost so much in gambling that he went into debt.

The alleged lover convinced Angelou to work as a prostitute to help him repay his debts. She hoped she would marry the man after that.