Who is London Giambi?

London Giambi is the eleven-year-old daughter of the former MLB player Jason Giambi. The Giambi name is iconic, and the family is known to have participated in MLB games. Jason Giambi is the father of London Giambi, and he is recognized as a former American professional baseball first baseman.

Jason Giambi played for popular teams like the Oakland Athletics, New York Yankees, and Colorado Rockies. Let’s learn more information about London Giambi and her family.

London Giambi’s Father

The former American baseball baseman Jason Giambi is the father of London. His brilliant performance in various games has made many people curious about the player’s family and children.

Jason Giambi was born on January 8, 971, in West Covina, California, and he is the son of John Giambi and Jeanne. London’s father was not alone in his family because he had two siblings, a brother, and a sister. Jason Giambi’s sister is called Julie Giambi, and it is not known what she was up to.

Jason Giambi had a brother called Jeremy Giambi, although he died when he was forty-seven years in 2022. Jeremy Giambi was a younger brother of Jason, and like his older brother, he was a recognized player who played for Oakland Athletics. The former player died in his parents’ home in Claremont.

The cause of death of the former was yet to be revealed, and he was acknowledged by former teams he played for as they wished the family to take heart.

Jason Giambi’s Bio

Jason Giambi was born Jason Gilbert Giambi in 1971, and he is a recognized figure that came to fame because of his talent as a baseball player. Jason started playing baseball when he was seven years and continued with the same spirit while in school.

Jason Giambi was talented in baseball and continued to represent his school in competitions. All eyes looked at him with the hope that one day his talent would be evident and earn him recognition, which finally happened.

When Jason Giambi was still in school, he was offered a chance to join Major League Baseball. Jason got scholarships from various universities that wanted to nurture his talent. One of the Baseball managers advised Giambi to participate in Major League, which he did in the 1989 Major League Baseball Draft.

Jason Giambi performed excellently in the first draft and was chosen when he was eighteen. Milwaukee Brewers drafted him, although he declined the offer and heeded for his father’s advice to complete college.

Jason completed college as his father wanted and returned three years later for another draft. In the 1992 Major League Draft, he was drafted by Oakland Athletics. In the same year, he won the Rookie of the year prize.

Within three years of joining the team, he became part of the All-Star team and remained in it for another four years. After five years, London Giambi’s father moved to New York Yankee, which enabled him to succeed in his baseball career.

London Giambi’s Mother

London Giambi’s mother is called Kristian Rice, and she is the wife of Jason Giambi. The beautiful lady is a hard worker like her husband, and she opened her brand after struggling to find loungewear.

Kristian Rice was married in 2002 and had three children, including Tristan, London, and Sloan.