Meet Perez Hilton’s Daughter, Mia Alma Lavandeira

Mia Alma Lavandeira is the daughter of Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr, best known as Perez Hilton, an American blogger and media personality. Mia was born on May 9, 2015, via a surrogate mother. She has two siblings also born via surrogate; Mario Armando Lavandeira III and Mayte Amor.

Education and Family Time.

Mia goes to school, though her father has not revealed the school’s name. In one of his Instagram posts, he says that he gets to spend more time with his kids because it was a holiday, consequently indicating Mia Alma is a pupil either in kindergarten or elementary school.

Mia, her siblings, and her father like spending time together; this includes going to supermarkets, playing and having fun at home, and going to museums and beaches. Her father always posts the fun moments they have together on his Instagram account.

Her Father

Mia’s father went to an all-boys high school before joining New York University. Upon completing his university studies, he tried acting; he also worked in GLAAD, an LGBT rights organization, as a media relations assistant and in several other gay organizations. Perez was also a managing editor of Instinct, a gay magazine.

Perez Hilton started blogging later, and it seemed easy for him. He also does gossip targeting celebrities. Mia’s father attends celebrity award shows and private events and later comes to gossip about them on his social media handles. Hilton always has a high affinity for high-profile celebrities such as Lady Gaga but also has a vendetta against other celebrities.

Mia’s father also talks against discriminatory actions and behaviors of public figures. At one time spoke out on the homophobic remarks of Isaiah Washington and called for his firing. Paris Hilton is supposedly his friend, and that is how he got his stage name, and at one point, he was criticized for not speaking on the racist comments made by Paris.

Perez Hilton also supports upcoming musicians as he often posts their songs in Listen to This blog category. For instance, he has contributed to the success of Mika in North America. Despite starting blogging as a hobby, Mia’s father has enjoyed great success.

In the media, Hilton appeared on season three, episode three of The Sopranos in 2001. Three years later, he featured as a contestant on an episode of Flap To Fab, a weight loss reality show. Other films and television shows Hilton has featured in include; Pepper Dennis, Extra, and Most Likely to Die, among others. Mia’s father has been to bigger events where he has been a presenter, including the 2009 MuchMusic Videos Awards in Toronto.

Social Media

Mia Alma Lavandeira is too young to be on any social media platforms, so she is not on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. On the other hand, her father is active on social media and likes posting pictures and videos of his kids, including Mia. On Instagram, Mia’s father uses the username @theperezhilton; he has 790k followers and has posted over 32k times.

Mia’s father is also active on Twitter which he joined in October 2015, and has 134k followers. Perez is very active on Twitter, often tweeting with over 200k tweets.