Rene Gonzalez Camacho, Personal Life and Net Worth

Rene Gonzalez Camacho is a celebrity husband, popularly known for being the husband of American actress, Khalilah Ali. The wife of Rene Gonzalez Camacho is also the ex-wife of American boxer Muhammad Ali. In fact, she got her surname from him only.

Today, let’s talk about Rene Gonzalez Camacho in detail including his early life, parents, siblings, education, work, net worth, love life, and all other details.

Personal life

You would hardly find anything confirmed on the personal life of Rene Gonzalez Camacho. The reason is, neither Rene Gonzalez Camacho nor his famous wife disclosed anything on the same. Not even the names of the parents of Rene Gonzalez Camacho are known. Speaking of the love life of Rene Gonzalez Camacho that is the main reason for his popularity, he got married to Khalilah Ali in 1989. He was the third husband of Khalilah Ali. The couple remained together for 4 years till 1993. What was the reason for their separation is not confirmed yet.

Parents and siblings

We just said that there is no information available about the early life and family background of Rene Gonzalez Camacho. Given the fact, you would not get any information regarding these things.


This is another unknown matter about Rene Gonzalez Camacho. Although Rene Gonzalez Camacho himself is not popular, his celebrity wife also never bothered to disclose any details regarding her personal life with him.

Education and profession

Since the early life of Rene Gonzalez Camacho is a mystery, his educational background is not known to the public either. If you talk about the profession of Rene Gonzalez Camacho, it is not an exception in this case either. However, we believe that Rene Gonzalez Camacho must have been in some prestigious and good money-earning profession, as he was the husband of such a popular actress.

Reason for the popularity of Rene Gonzalez Camacho

The sole reason for the popularity of Rene Gonzalez Camacho is his ex-wife, Khalilah Ali, who is a famous American actress, author, and humanitarian. She never shies away from talking about her personal life matters and this is the reason that Rene Gonzalez Camacho also became a topic of her discussion sometimes in the media that ultimately made him a popular figure.

Net worth of Rene Gonzalez Camacho

With the fact that the exact profession of Rene Gonzalez Camacho is not known, estimating his net worth is not possible. Considering the lifestyle of Rene Gonzalez Camacho which is no less than a kinglike life, it seems like he is definitely earning a handsome amount of money in his career. He must be active in some good money-making business endeavors. As for the net worth of his ex-wife, Khalilah Ali, she is the proud owner of around 1.5 million as of 2022.


Rene Gonzalez Camacho was once the husband of such a popular actress. Despite the fact, he maintains a low profile and remains away from the limelight of the media. Maybe he is not interested in all this.