All About Ronnie Spector’s Son: Gary Phillip Spector

Gary is the son of Ronnie Spector, an American singer known for her rock and roll band, The Ronettes. He was adopted together with his twin brother Louis Phillip. Gary’s other siblings besides Louis are Donte, Austin Drew, and Jason Charles.

His father was Phil Spector, an American songwriter, and producer who owned Philles Records.

Personal Life

Regarding his personal life, Gary Phillip has managed to keep his details from the public. It is unclear who he is married to and how many children he has. Given his current age, he probably has grandchildren as well.

Career and Net Worth

Most people would have expected Gary Phillip to follow his parents’ career paths, but he probably chose a different career. However, he has not done his current work known to the public; he is probably working in the private sector to make ends meet and provide for his family.

Gary Philip Spector has kept details of his professional career away from the public, so it is hard to estimate his net worth, given his salary is also unknown.

His Mother

Gary’s mother founded a family music group called The Ronettes, together with her sister and cousin Nedra Talley when they were in high school. They used to perform at school events and became a trendy girl group. After signing their first contract in 1963 with the Philles Record label, they released several songs that did well, including Be My Baby.

Gary Phillip’s mother’s band did not work together for a while when she married Phil Spector, who had told her to stop making music. However, after divorcing him, she reformed the group. Ronnie Spector also made music as a solo artist, releasing several singles and albums. Gary Phillip Spector’s mother died of cancer on January 12, 2022, aged 78.

Controversies Surrounding His Mother

Gary’s mother was romantically involved with Phil Spector, but at the time, she did not know if he was married. Ronnie Spector and Phil had booked a room at Delmonico Hotel, New York; Gary’s mother was coming out of the room when she was arrested for prostitution. After calling her husband, who threatened the hotel, she was released.

Their romantic thing went on for some time until Phil divorced his wife and married Ronnie in 1968. However, their marriage did not go well; Ronnie was just at the peak of her career, but then her husband barred her from getting the house. He even fenced the house with barbed wire and put dogs outside so she could not go anywhere.

Phil Spector psychologically tortured Gary’s mother and even told her he would kill her if she ever left him for another man; he even had a coffin in his basement. Gary Phillip’s mother feared for her life, and with the help of her mother, she managed to run away from Phil and later filed for divorce.

Social Media

Gary Phillip Spector has no social media presence as she prefers to live her life privately. No accounts of his have been found on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.