Who is Glenda Jean Ray?

Glenda Jean Ray is the daughter of David Parker Ray, better known as the Toy Box Killer. David was an American serial rapist, torturer, suspected serial killer, and kidnapper. She came into the limelight for being the daughter of a criminal and for being her accomplice.

Glenda has one sibling, but not much is known about him as he was not involved in his father’s evil deeds.

Glenda as Her Father’s Accomplish

Glenda Jean Ray helped his father kidnap victims; one night in 1996, she went to a club with her friend who had just fought with her husband. She dosed her off by putting a tranquilizer to her drink; Angela led her friend Kelli Garrett to her father’s sound-proof trailer. Garrett was tortured for two days, after which Glenda’s father slit her throat and left him to die, but fortunately survived. She told her husband and the police what had happened, but they did not believe her.

When Glenda’s father was arrested and taken to prison, he pleaded guilty to the crimes so that his daughter would get a shorter jail term. There was evidence that was implicating Glenda, and she was imprisoned to two and half years in prison

Personal Life

In her personal life, it is unclear if Glenda Jean Ray was ever married and if she has any kids. It is not known if she served her two years in prison and after that what she started doing or where she is. Since her father’s death, not much has been on her, and most people have not been searching for details about her; additionally, she has not come to the public and made it clear whether she has changed.

Her Father

Glenda Jean Ray’s father kidnapped and tortured over 40 women. He used to pretend to be the police, then handcuff and kidnap his victims. After kidnapping them, he would take them to his trailer, torturing them using clamps, straps, pulleys, chains, and other items. He also used his girlfriend, Hendy Cynthia, to kidnap and torture women.

He even had recorded audio in which he threatened and told her victims that he had captured them to enslave them; there was nothing they could do about it. He would let his friends sexually abuse the women, and then with the help of his accomplices, he would kill the women. However, their bodies were never found.

David Ray Parker had a tough childhood and was bullied while in high school, and he often fantasized about kidnapping, raping, and torturing women. When he came of age, he put his fantasies into practice, and as a result, many women disappeared and ended up dead.

Glenda’s Father’s Sentence and Death

One of Glenda’s father’s accomplices made a mistake and left keys near one of their victims; she managed to escape, and the police were notified. With the evidence she provided, Glenda Jean Ray’s father was arrested and sentenced to 223 years in prison.

David Ray died on May 28, 2002, of a heart attack at the Lea County Correctional Facility. He just died moments before his interrogation.