Susan Randall Conrad Personal Life

Susan Randall Conrad Born 13 Nov 1928 in New York, United States. William Conrad was married to Susan Randall Conrad from 1984 until his death in 1994. They had one daughter together, Cecily Conrad. Susan was a painter and art professor at the University of Arizona. The couple also adopted a son, Christopher.

Prior to marrying William, Susan was married to Michael Conard, a professor of English at the University of Arizona. The two divorced in 1982.

Susan was a strong advocate for her husband’s work, which included acting in films, producing, and directing. She was instrumental in helping him secure roles that he may not have been able to get without her support. The two remained close and loving until William’s passing.

Susan Randall Conrad Education

Susan Randall Conrad was an educator with a master’s degree in education. She taught elementary school for many years and was an advocate for teachers’ rights. She was also an avid reader and gardener. She co-authored a book with her husband, William Conrad, titled “The Wonderful World of William Conrad: The Authorized Biography”.

Susan Randall Conrad personal Career

William Conrad’s wife was Susan Randall Conrad. She was a homemaker and a philanthropist who was active in the Los Angeles community. She was a member of the board of the Los Angeles Music Center and a supporter of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. She was also a patron of the Pasadena Playhouse and a contributor to numerous charities. She was a member of the exclusive Colony Club of Los Angeles and a dedicated mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

William Conrad Husband to Susan Randall Conrad Life

William Conrad (1920-1994) was an American actor, director and producer best known for his roles in television, film and radio. He is perhaps best known for his role as the gruff and gruff-voiced private detective in the 1950s television series Cannon and Nero Wolfe, as well as for his role as Marshal Matt Dillon in the hit western television series Gunsmoke.

Conrad was born in Louisville, Kentucky, and began his career as a radio actor in the 1940s. He was the voice of the title character in the popular radio show The Adventures of Superman and was a regular on the programs Suspense and The Whistler. He also starred in the popular radio series The Saint and The Six Shooter.

Conrad went on to appear in numerous films, including such classics as High Noon, The Big Country and The Naked Spur. He also appeared in numerous television shows, including The Twilight Zone, The Fugitive and Mission: Impossible. He also provided the narration for the popular cartoon series The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.

Conrad was a prolific producer and director as well. He produced and directed several television series, including the popular drama Mannix, and the westerns Lawman and The Virginian.

Wrapping Up

Following William’s death, Susan continued to paint and teach art. She also worked to preserve William’s legacy and was instrumental in the establishment of the William Conrad Memorial Scholarship at the University of Arizona.