Tulip Victoria Khoury, Personal Life and Net Worth

Tulip Victoria Khoury is a celebrity daughter popular for being the loving daughter of American musician Tiny Tim, which is the stage name of her father, who was a renowned musician. So, today we thought to disclose some mind-blowing life details about his daughter, Tulip Victoria Khoury.

If you are interested in that, read this article and here you will get all information such as early life, childhood, parents, siblings, net worth, education, work, and all other details about Tulip Victoria Khoury.

Personal life

Tulip Victoria Khoury was born on 10th May 1971 to American couple Tiny Tim and his beloved wife Miss Vicky. These are the nicknames of her parents. If you talk about their full names, the names of her parents are Herbert Butros Khaury and Victoria Mae Budinger. Besides this, no other information is available on the early life of Tulip Victoria Khoury. As for her love life, Tulip Victoria Khoury is today a married lady. This information was disclosed by the mother of Tulip Victoria Khoury. According to her, Tulip Victoria Khoury got married when she was 23 years old. According to some sources, the name of Tulip Victoria Khoury’s husband is William Ervin Stewart. The information has not been confirmed by Tulip Victoria Khoury herself though.

Parents and siblings

Tulip Victoria Khoury is the only daughter of Tiny Tim and Miss Vicky. Her parents got married in 1969 and welcomed the Tulip Victoria Khoury 2 years after their marriage. At that time, the love story of her parents was the talk of the town but, unfortunately, the marriage could not last long and they ended up with a divorce in 1977. Before and after this marriage, her father was married to other ladies as well. However, out of all his marriages, he had only one child and it was Tulip Victoria Khoury. Speaking of the profession of her parents, her father was a prominent musician as well as a great Ukulele player. On the other hand, the details about her mother are a mystery.


According to the mother of Tulip Victoria Khoury, she has two children named Cherise and Jade. However, Tulip Victoria Khoury herself has not confirmed it.

Education and profession

Since the parents of Tulip Victoria Khoury are not open about the personal life of Tulip Victoria Khoury, there is no information available on her educational background. The same goes for the profession of Tulip Victoria Khoury too. Tulip Victoria Khoury never bothered to spill any beans about her professional career.

Reason for the popularity of Tulip Victoria Khoury

Of course, it’s the father of Tulip Victoria Khoury, who makes Tulip Victoria Khoury so popular. Her father was a great musician and was quite active too in the media. This is the reason that his only daughter became a popular face too.

Net worth of Tulip Victoria Khoury

With the fact that the profession of Tulip Victoria Khoury is not known, it is not really possible to estimate her net work as well. However, we are pretty sure that today Tulip Victoria Khoury is a proud owner of a huge amount of money because she inherited around 30 million from her father after his death.


Tulip Victoria Khoury is a celebrity daughter yet she prefers to live a peaceful life far away from the limelight of the media. She is rarely seen making any public appearances or talking to the media.