Theodosia Tyson, Personal Life and Net Worth

Theodosia Tyson is a celebrity mother, who worked hard and made her daughter capable enough to earn a huge name and fame in the world. To make it clear to you, let us tell you that Theodosia Tyson is the mother of American actress Cicely Tyson.

Today, we are going to tell you every single detail about Theodosia Tyson including her early life, parents, siblings, love life, education, work, net worth, and all other things.

Personal life

Since Theodosia Tyson is a celebrity mother and is not popular because of her own, no information is available about her childhood. Neither the names of her parents nor her DOB, nothing is known. The only known thing about Theodosia Tyson is that she spent her childhood in Saint Kitts and Nevis islands and holds the nationality of same. Though the birthdate of Theodosia Tyson is not known, one thing is sure Theodosia Tyson is dead today because her 94 years old actress daughter died last year. Given the fact, Theodosia Tyson must have died as well.

Speaking of the personal life of Theodosia Tyson, she was married to William Augustine Tyson, who was a carpenter and painter by the profession.

Parents and siblings

As already said that there is no information available on the early life of Theodosia Tyson, the names of her parents, as well as siblings, are not known. How many siblings Theodosia Tyson had is not known either.


Theodosia Tyson had a successful married life with her husband William Augustine Tyson. The couple had three kids together. Among all, her actress daughter, Cicely Tyson is the most popular one.

Education and profession

With the fact that Theodosia Tyson was married to a carpenter, you can assume the financial state of Theodosia Tyson during her young age. Owing to this,  Theodosia Tyson might not have received a very good education. Despite this fact, she was a very intelligent lady and managed her family really well, making her daughter strong enough to achieve this much success. By profession, Theodosia Tyson was a homemaker.

Reason for the popularity of Theodosia Tyson

After reading so far, you must have understood what is the main reason for the popularity of Theodosia Tyson. Of course, it’s her daughter, Cicely Tyson, who was one of the most popular actresses during her time.

Net worth of Theodosia Tyson

Considering the fact that Theodosia Tyson was a homemaker and her husband was a carpenter, you can assume how much net worth Theodosia Tyson would have and what kind of life she would have lived during her young age. Nevertheless, she was fortunate enough to enjoy an extremely lavish lifestyle in her later years, as her daughter had a whopping net worth of around 10 million at the time of her birth.


Theodosia Tyson is one of those people who get to see two different shades of life in a single lifespan. During her young age and childhood, Theodosia Tyson experienced poverty but she got to enjoy a high level of luxuriousness in her later years.