Norman I. Ewing, Personal Life and Net Worth

There is nothing more prideful for a father than seeing her daughter achieve great heights of success and Norman I Ewing was one of those lucky fathers. He was the father of American Opera singer Maria Ewing, who was an acclaimed singer during her time.

Here, we are going to disclose some interesting life details about Norman I Ewing such as his childhood parents, siblings, net worth, education, work, love life, and many others that will definitely intrigue you to know more about him.

Personal life

With the fact that Norman I Ewing became popular because of his daughter, nothing much is available about his childhood. From the names of his parents to his date of birth, you would not really find anything about him. The only known thing about his parents is that his parents were of European and African descent. Norman I Ewing had once claimed to be of Sioux descent.

As for the love life of Norman I Ewing, he was married to a Dutch lady named Hermina Ewing, who was a homemaker. We hope that today Norman I Ewing must have died because his musician daughter died in 2022 and she was 71 years old.

Parents and siblings

We have already told you that there is nothing really much available on the parents and siblings of Norman I Ewing. The only known thing about his parents is that they belong to European and African communities. Apart from his parents, no information is available on the siblings of Norman I Ewing.


With her marriage to Hermina Ewing, Norman I Ewing has four daughters, Maria Ewing being the youngest. Besides Maria, what his other daughters are up to today is not known to the public

Education and profession

There is no confirmed information available on the education of Norman I Ewing but we do assume that he was an educated man because he worked as an electrical engineer at a Steel company. Without a good education, he would definitely not have secured such a good job.

Reason for the popularity of Norman I Ewing

Of course, it’s the daughter of Norman I Ewing, Maria Ewing, behind his popularity. Maria shared a close bonding with her father and this is the reason that he became a popular face among people. In fact, Maria started learning piano from her father only.

Net worth of Norman I Ewing

If we consider the profession of Norman I Ewing, as he was an electrical engineer, we expect that Norman I Ewing might not have had a huge amount of money in his career but he definitely had enough money to lead a good life. As for his daughter, she had a stunning net worth of 1.5 million at the time of her death.


Norman I Ewing himself had a great interest in music. He was a remarkable piano master but he could not make a big himself. Nevertheless, he had definitely lived his dreams of making a successful music career through his daughter.