When to Call A Denver Car Accident Lawyer

In the event of a car accident, your life can flip upside down in a second. It can be overwhelming, costly, and can change your quality of life forever if the accident is serious enough. The last thing you want to deal with is legal ramifications as you deal with your recovery.

That’s why a Denver car accident lawyer can be the exact resource you need in this situation. But realistically, most people don’t have an attorney on retainer for when they need one. Because of this, it can be difficult to know when to call on them for help. You don’t want to wait until it’s too late, but you also don’t want to pay unnecessary fees by jumping the gun early, only to learn you don’t need legal services.

In this blog, we’ll break down when you should call a Denver car accident attorney for legal reinforcements. We’ll also discuss what they can do for you in the event of a legal battle after a car crash. Car accidents, unfortunately, happen every single day, and there’s never a good time to have to deal with one. In 2020 alone, there were 35,766 fatal motor vehicle crashes in the United States, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Make that if it happens to you, you’re prepared and armed with legal assistance.

First, let’s go through the steps you should take immediately after a car accident.

1.  Before anything else, make sure you’re OK

After a crash, check yourself for injuries. Carefully make sure you can move all your extremities and do a thorough self-analysis of what you’re feeling. In traumatic crashes, it’s possible you might not be able to feel the extent of your injuries right away. But if you can move, be sure to exit the vehicle and stay a safe distance away from the crash. If the car is smoking or on fire, make sure you get a safe distance away before going to the next steps on the list.

If you think you might need an ambulance, don’t hesitate to call for paramedics.

2.  If there’s another car involved, make sure the other driver is OK

In the event of a multi-vehicle crash, it’s important to make sure the other driver is alright as well, and not trapped in their car or severely injured. Make sure to prioritize human lives first, and if needed, help the other driver or riders out of their vehicles and help get them away from the crash to safety.

If you or another party needs medical attention, promptly call for help.

3.  Call the police for a report

Make sure to call the police and leave your car until they arrive. Don’t move your car as this could make determining fault difficult to determine. You could end up paying more if it’s determined you’re the faulty driver in the crash. If you do happen to move your car ahead of time and you’re worried it could hurt your case, contact your car accident lawyer as well.

4.  Take pictures of the crash

If you can, take pictures of the crash site so there is clarity on what happened. This will help law enforcement determine what happened and paint an objective picture of the scene. This will help you and your car accident attorney maneuver your legal process and get you the result you want.

You don’t want it to be your word versus other drivers; although that is a common occurrence in car accidents. Capturing evidence of the crash through pictures could make the entire process much easier for you.

5.  Exchange insurance information

Once you ensure the safety of both yourself and anyone else involved in the crash and have called law enforcement to the site, exchange insurance information with the other driver. This helps secure you in the situation and it’s essential to hold each other accountable for the crash. Exchanging this information is essential to help determine who is at fault and reach a settlement that is fair to both parties considering the situation.

Failure to produce insurance information could result in a large fee or other legal issues, even if the car accident wasn’t your fault.

6.  Call your car accident attorney

Even if you’re unsure that you’ll need legal reinforcements, now is a good time to contact your local car accident lawyer. If nothing else, they can provide consultation about how to proceed or what not to do. If you do need help, they can walk you through the next steps and help determine the best course of action to reach a settlement or minimize legal damage or liability.

7.  Schedule an appointment or check-up

Even if you don’t think you were injured in a car accident, it’s important to take all the proper steps for your health. Getting a check-up at your local doctor or chiropractor in Denver can help you cover all the bases to ensure you didn’t sustain any short- or long-term damage in the crash.

What Can A Car Accident Attorney Do For You?

If you decide you need a car accident attorney for what’s to come legally following your crash, here is a list of services they can offer to assist you:

  • They can conduct an investigation that could reveal new details about the crash
  • They can help prove who was at fault
  • They can build a case against the other party
  • They can establish a strategy for helping you secure compensation
  • They can communicate with insurance companies and law enforcement on your behalf
  • They can represent you in a court of law if it comes to that
  • They can make recommendations and keep you updated on the process

The best thing they can do is answer questions and provide peace of mind handling the legal steps; that way, you can focus on your recovery or other pressing matters in your life.

Conclusion – When to Call a Denver Car Accident Attorney

In an ideal situation, you would never have to call a car accident attorney. But unfortunately, that just isn’t realistic. In the event of a crash, it’s always a good idea to call an attorney for support and backup, but this can be costly.

In determining who is responsible for the crash, or if you or the other driver doesn’t have insurance, tries to flee, or won’t take responsibility for the crash, contact a lawyer for legal support throughout the process.