Why You Don’t Want to Ignore Lifting Shingles on Your Roof

You shouldn’t ignore curling, lifting, or downright missing shingles. Each shingle has a part to play in weatherproofing your home, so even a single damaged or absent one can lead to problems down the line.

When you’re short of funds, it’s easy to pretend you don’t see these issues when you glance at your roof. But maintenance avoidance promises hard times ahead for your budget — maybe not right away, but sometime soon.

Budgeting for unexpected repairs can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. This guide is here to help. Below, you’ll find out what can happen if you don’t patch your roof in time. More importantly, you can explore budgeting advice that includes practical borrowing tips in case you need an online personal loan to cover urgent repairs.

5 Consequences of Ignoring Your Damaged Roof

Failing to fix problem shingles leaves your roof vulnerable to the elements. Exposed to wind, rain, and everything in between, your roof can suffer from these long-term issues:

  1. More Shingle Damage: One curling shingle is usually an early warning sign that other damage is in your future.
  2. Leaks: Rainwater and snow melt will find their way into your home when your shingles don’t lay flat. Depending on the size of the leak, it can damage your ceilings, walls, floors, and furniture.
  3. Mold: You don’t have to see a leak for it to cause issues. Mold and mildew grow inside your roof and walls when long-term leaks go unattended.
  4. Large-Scale Damage to Other Roof Parts: Without an interlocking layer of shingles, your roof isn’t protected against the elements. Over time, this exposure can damage other parts of your roof, including the wood deck, gutters, and more. All these components cost more to replace than a few shingles.
  5. Dwindling Curb Appeal: In terms of home improvement projects, your roof promises a high ROI. That’s because it’s one of the first things potential buyers see. If they can spot curling shingles from the curb, they may hesitate with an offer.

How to Handle an Unexpected Roof Repair

An unexpected chore can be challenging on a tight budget, so let’s dive into your options.

Wait and Save

Get a roofer to inspect your shingles to determine if you can safely delay repairs until you save what you need.

Talk to Your Roofer

Tell your roofer that you are short on funds without getting into specifics. Explain that you have every intention to make this patch and pay them, and ask if they offer any flexibility. Some companies may let you pay off your patch job in installments rather than one lump sum. They may also be open to deferring your payment to a specific date when you know you will have the money.

Take out a Personal Loan Online

Online installment loans and lines of credit are designed to help cash-strapped homeowners take care of urgent repairs. If you decide to borrow money online, make sure you compare lenders and check with your budget that you can afford the payments.

Consider DIY Carefully

With the right keywords in an Internet search, anyone can find DIY instructions on how to fix damaged shingles. This might save you some money, but you need to know the risks. Working on your roof is dangerous, as you run the risk of falling. Only take on this job if you have the right safety tools.

Bottom Line:

The money you put into a patch job will always be less than the cost of a full roof repair and renovation. Keep this in mind as you sit down with your budget.